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2009-07-20In Which Keanu Reeves Breaks Our Head Open Like A Melon
2005-11-25Thumbing a ride to Hollywood
2005-10-27(Title Unknown)
2005-10-14Hollywood film pays homage to Ore. town
2005-10-09Exclusive Interview: Keanu Reeves
2005-10-05Group Therapy
2005-10-03Family Matters
2005-10-01The incredible Zen of Keanu
2005-09-16Keanu Reeves Gets 'Thumbsucker' Role Thanks To Director's Dog
2005-09-14Reeves reveals bizarre bank fantasy
2005-09-00Keanu Reeves looks back at his own coming of age in Canada
2005-01-27Sundance Diary: Cool cameos and stylish dance steps
2003-08-23'Thumbsucker' wraps up filming
2003-08-19The stars of "Thumbsucker," on the set in Tualatin, call Oregon burbs "exotic"
2003-07-31Bratt Gives Thumbs Up to Bull's Eye Movie
2003-07-28District gets $8,000 to let filmmakers use school
2003-07-22'Thumbsucker' producers plan to use Tualatin school
2003-07-22Back to school in Tualatin: It's just an act
2003-07-20'Thumbsucker' fingers 3 to fill out cast
2003-07-04Thumbs up to a juicy role
2003-07-04Beaverton lad lands role in indie flick
2003-06-23Beaverton Goes Hollywood
2003-06-20Keanu Reeves movie to be shot in Beaverton