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May 11, 20072007-0511Pushed for Time
January 19, 2007 2007-0119Keanu Reeves - A Scanner Darkly
November 13, 20062006-1113Reeves just gets better
August 17, 20062006-0817Winona has the hots for Keanu
August 5, 20062006-0805Slacker king takes the future lying down
August 5, 20082006-0805Keanu Reeves gets animated about A Scanner Darkly
August 20062006-08xxKeanu, darkly
August 20062006-08xxA Scanner Darkly
July 17, 20062006-0717Winona Ryder & Keanu Reeves
July 13, 20062006-0713Animators put Keanu in a 'rotoscoped world'
July 11, 20062006-0711Robert Downey Jr. Talks A Scanner Darkly and David Fincher's Zodiac
July 9, 20062006-0709'A Scanner Darkly' is Sci-Fi Come True
July 7, 20062006-0707'A Scanner Darkly': Keanu Reeves, Undercover and Flying High on a Paranoid Head Trip
July 6, 20062006-0706New Keanu/ Winona Flick Has Philip K. Dick Fans Excited, Anxious
July 3, 20062006-0703A Scanner Darkly
July 2, 20062006-0702Still-shy Keanu
July 2, 20062006-0702Animation brings life to 'Scanner Darkly'
July 1, 20062006-0701The CulturePulp Q&A: Richard Linklater
July 20062006-07xxInterview: Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder & Richard Linklater
June 26, 20062006-0626Scanner Scrambles For Suit
June 5, 20062006-0605Keanu Reeves Scans His Occupation With Cole Smithey
June 20062006-06xxGraphic Nature
May 26, 20062006-0526Downey Jr., Reeves relate to drug abuse
May 25, 20062006-0525‘A Scanner Darkly’ presents eerie drug state
April 10, 20062006-0410Whoa, taxi!
March 15, 20062006-0315Anime and Animation at the New York’s New Comic-Con
February 2006 (Winte2006-02xxThe Schizoid Man
January 20062006-01xxKeanu Reeves
July 14, 20052005-0714Comic-Con 2005: Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly Panel
January 21, 20052005-0121Dream Job
June 30, 20042004-0630Richard Linklater On A Scanner Darkly
June 30, 20042004-0630"A Scanner Darkly" Completes Production
June 29, 20042004-0629Scanner Aims For Laughs
June 12, 20042004-0612A Note from the Philip K. Dick Trust
April 1, 20042004-0401Keanu Reeves Starring in A Scanner Darkly