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August 20062006-08xxSandra Bullock (& Keanu Reeves!)
July 27, 20062006-0727How Sandra succumbed
July 22, 20062006-0722Keanu's philosophy of life
July 6, 20062006-0706"He did his best with the kissing"
July 2, 20062006-0702Still-shy Keanu
July 20062006-07xx(Title Unknown)
July 20062006-07xxUndeniable Chemistry
July 20062006-07xxSandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves on The Lake House
July 20062006-07xxNot Fade Away
June 30, 20062006-0630Lost and Found
June 26, 20062006-0626Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves
June 19, 20062006-0619Speed Dating
June 19, 20062006-0619The Lake House
June 16, 20062006-0616Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock Are Reunited in 'The Lake House'
June 14, 20062006-0614Keanu Reeves Finds Peace At 'The Lake House'
June 12, 20062006-0612Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves Share "The Lake House"
June 11, 20062006-0611Together Again...But Actually Apart
June 11, 20062006-0611Agreeing to disagree
June 9, 20062006-0609Comfortable Together
June 8, 20062006-0608Bullock & Reeves Have Lake House Reunion
June 6, 20062006-0606Romancing Reeves
June 2, 20062006-0602Amazing Keanu
June 20062006-06xxKeanu Reeves: "Sandra? Beautiful and Creative"
June 20062006-06xxKeanu - Back to the Present
20062006-xxxxThe Lake House - Production Notes
May 21, 20052005-05217-year-old to play young Keanu in film
May 13, 20052005-0513Is Keanu playing Romeo to Lynn Collins' Juliet?
May 6, 20052005-0506Keanu and Sandra may be the stars, but Maple Lake getting star treatment
March 21, 20052005-0321Trio Joins Romantic 'Il Mare'
March 14, 20052005-0314Sighting @ Chicago
January 23, 20052005-0123Interview with Alejandro Agresti
January 19, 20052005-0119Bullock, Reeves Reunite for Romance