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2020-09-21Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter on how Bill and Ted have grown up
2020-09-07Keanu & Alex’s Excellent Adventure
2020-09-05'The idea of 'be excellent to each other' is a very good idea' - Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter talk Bill and Ted's comeback
2020-08-29Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves Talk Bill & Ted Face the Music
2020-08-27Keanu Reeves talks music's impact on his life: It 'helped me get through the worst'
2020-08-26Keanu Reeves Requested to Wear a Suit in 'Bill & Ted Face the Music'
2020-08-26Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter on How the Beatles Secretly Helped ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ (Watch)
2020-08-26Are Bill And Ted Actually Stoners? Keanu Reeves Weighs In
2020-08-25Keanu Reeves Says 'Matrix 4' Is 'Something Very Special' (Exclusive)
2020-08-24Bill & Ted Face the Music Story Originated with an Idea Keanu Reeves Had at a BBQ
2020-08-23Not Heinous At All: Bill And Ted Are Back To 'Face The Music'
2020-08-19Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter talk third Bill & Ted film, which premieres Aug. 28
2020-08-18Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Party On With Bill and Ted
2020-08-14Exclusive: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Open Up About Their Excellent Adventures in Bill & Ted Face the Music
2020-07-26Bill and Ted Face the Music Gets Described as a Twisted Version of A Christmas Carol
2020-07-22Bill & Ted Face the Music has the same "scrappy" ethos of the other two movies, teases Keanu Reeves
2020-07-21Bill & Ted go back to the future in these exclusive new images
2020-05-05'Bill & Ted Face the Music' Wants You to Record a Video to Be in the Movie
2018-03-30Entertainment Weekly's Cast Reunions: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
2018-01-24Bill & Ted writer reveals how the planned third film will pay tribute to George Carlin's Rufus
2016-06-16Keanu Reeves Dishes on 'Bill & Ted 3,' Says It's Going to Be 'Bodacious' and 'Excellent'
2016-04-07Bill & Ted 3: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are 'knee deep' in the threequel
2016-03-15Sounds Like Life is Imitating Art on Bill and Ted 3
2015-08-15‘Bill and Ted 3’ Updates: Alex Winter continues hype teasing a ‘funnier’ sequel; William Sadler wants to return with Keanu Reeves
2015-04-09Keanu Reeves Says Bill & Ted 3 is Closer Than Ever
2014-10-12Keanu Reeves Talks Bill & Ted 3's Time Twists
2014-10-03Keanu Reeves Says Bill & Ted 3 is "Closer... But Not Closer"
2014-09-25Alex Winter Gives an Excellent Update on 'Bill & Ted 3'
2013-12-27Keanu Reeves Says 'Bill & Ted 3' Script Done, Just Needs Funding
2013-12-17Keanu Reeves Updates on Bill & Ted 3, Passengers
2013-11-29Keanu Reeves: 'Bill and Ted 3 script needs adapting to fit budget'
2013-10-31Keanu Reeves Has Big Plans for Bill & Ted 3
2013-10-29Interview: Keanu Reeves Talks Plot & Status Of 'Bill & Ted 3,' What Happened To Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Jekyll' & More
2013-09-26Bill & Ted 3 could happen 'now or in a couple of years' says Alex Winter
2013-09-23Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter Talk Bill & Ted 3
2013-09-11Keanu Reeves Says 'Bill & Ted 3' Is Struggling With 'The Darkness'
2013-08-06Keanu Reeves: "A New Bill & Ted 3 Script is Underway"
2013-03-15'Bill & Ted 3' Won't Be A 'Weird Reboot,' Alex Winter Promises
2013-03-13How Alex Winter (Yup, Bill S. Preston, Esq.) Made A Doc About Napster
2013-03-06Alex Winter Explains Why We Haven't Seen 'Bill and Ted 3' Yet

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