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2000-06-04Keanu Tops MTV Movie Awards
2000-06-04After He Won the MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance in 'The Matrix'
2000-05-19Matrix Grabs Blockbuster Awards
2000-05-19Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne Take Sci-Fi Tops at Blockbuster Awards
2000-05-10Keanu Reeves accepts his award for favorite actor
2000-04-11'Matrix': BAFTA FX Award
2000-04-10Pantoliano In 'Matrix 2'?
2000-03-27"The Matrix" nabs 4 tech Oscars
2000-02-00Excellent cyber adventure, dude...
1999-09-30"The Matrix" Sinks "Titanic"
1999-08-00"Most definitely the best film I've done in years"
1999-08-00The Matrix
1999-07-00Putting the punch in "The Matrix"
1999-07-00The Matrix
1999-07-00Magic 'Trix
1999-06-11Carry on up the cyber
1999-06-05True Presence
1999-06-04What is the Matrix?
1999-06-02Cyberspace 1999
1999-06-00What is the Matrix?
1999-06-00(Un)real, dude
1999-06-00Martial Matrix
1999-05-10A New Keanu
1999-05-0810 reasons why Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are the coolest screen couple.
1999-05-00An Excellent Cyber-Adventure
1999-04-25"The Matrix" Reloads
1999-04-24Keanu's excellent adventure
1999-04-11Popular Metaphysics
1999-04-09Reality Bytes
1999-04-07What is The Matrix? A big-money maker
1999-04-07Matrix Success Spawns Sequels
1999-04-06Reeves regains Speedy form
1999-04-05Brothers Unleash the Comic Book of Ideas
1999-04-03`Matrix' Star Keanu Reeves Has A Pattern Of Questioning
1999-04-02A Rare Chat With Those 'Matrix' Directors
1999-04-00Creating the Surreal World of The Matrix with Production Designer Owen Patterson
1999-03-31The Reality Is All Virtual, And Densely Complicated
1999-03-31Myth meets Internet in 'Matrix'

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