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January 7, 20102010-0107Paternity suit seeking millions from Keanu Reeves should be thrown out: lawyer
January 7, 20102010-0107Keanu Counters Crazy Claims: Hypnosis, Disguises and Pseudonyms, Oh My
October 15, 20092009-1015Test shows Keanu isn't the father, lawyer says
October 14, 20092009-1014Keanu Reeves is Not the Father
October 13, 20092009-1013DNA test clears Keanu Reeves in Canadian paternity suit: Lawyer
September 3, 20092009-0903Keanu Reeves -- DNA Will Set Me Free
September 1, 20092009-0901Keanu Reeves agrees to DNA paternity testing
August 20, 20092009-0820Reeves' DNA case held over until Sept. 1
August 16, 20092009-0816Something Eating Keanu?
July 9, 20092009-0709Some Lady: Keanu Reeves Fathered My Kids And Won’t Add Me To His Bank Account
July 7, 20092009-0707Suit 'frivolous,' Keanu Reeves seeks costs
July 6, 20092009-0706Woman seeking child support from Keanu Reeves says she's been through hell
July 6, 20092009-0706Keanu's counsel confident paternity suit will be dismissed
June 2, 20092009-0602Woman Hoping Some Of Her Kids Are Keanu's
May 29, 20092009-0529Ont. woman alleges Reeves may be her kids' dad
May 29, 20092009-0529Barrie Woman Wants Child Support, Baby Butter From Keanu Reeves
May 29, 20092009-0529Barrie woman seeks child support from Keanu Reeves