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June 16, 1992Days' Nerd and Wildman Keanu Rock it Up in a Hot New Band
July 26, 1992Night Job
1993Totally Bogus
April 17, 1993Night Job
July 29, 1993 Film Star Reeves Joins Rock Band
~ November 1994Race to sign up rocker Keanu!
November 5, 1994Group more dog than star, but Keanu draws eager crowd
November 9 - 22, 199Keanu Rocks!
1995Reeves rockin' down under
February 1995Keanu: Live & sweaty
March 27, 1995Pop Music Keanu Reeves' Dogstar a Competent, Lightweight Act
July 1995Dogstar in Japan
July 1995Keanu and Zima
July 1995Mad Axe Attack!
July 13, 1995Hey, these guys are Sirius
July 16, 1995 Dogging Keanu
July 18, 1995Keanu's Excellent Adventure
July 20, 1995Boys on the bus
July 20, 1995Keanu Reeves Comes to Town in a New Role - Musician
July 21, 2995 Dogstar With Hummer
July 21, 1995Facts and details to ponder in case you can't see Dogstar
July 21, 1995 'Speed' Mettle
July 22, 1995Keanu Reeves: It's not the music that causes the Dogstar audience to: scream
July 24, 1995Dogstar orbits around music, not movie guy Keanu Reeves
July 25, 1995'Speed' metal: Keanu Reeves heats up Bohager's
July 27, 1995A date with his band, Dogstar
July 27, 1995 Dogstar's Music: Lots of Bark, But Lacks Original Bite
July 27, 1995Keanu Reeves, in a Brash New Adventure
July 29, 1995A Celebrity Upstages The Music
July 29, 1995Keanumania
July 31, 1995Keanu Reeves' Dogstar at the TLA
August 1995Keanu Reeves Rockstar?
August 2, 1995Keanu homes in on Hub comic
August 2, 1995Keanu Reeves is the Music for Dogstar Fans
August 3, 1995 Dogstar on Tour
August 3, 1995Keanu's rock band not a Dog but not a star
August 3, 1995 Keanu's excellent adventure: A band!
August 4, 1995 Dogstar Attracts Fawning Fans, Delivers Mediocre Music
August 4, 1995 Keanu Reeves plays guitarist in Dogstar
August 5-6, 1995Keanu Reeves fans don't seem to care about the music