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July 14, 20152015-0714I Was in a Band With Keanu Reeves
June 21, 20152015-0621T in the Park 2015: Music revellers recall year Keanu Reeves travelled to festival by bus with fans
April 29, 20092009-0429'Other guys' in celebrity bands like Billy Bob's face double-edged sword
March 17, 20052005-0317No more rock for Reeves
January 31, 20052005-0131Keanu Says His Band Days Are Over
May 30, 20032003-0530Keanu To Join Coldplay?
May 20032003-05xxThe Night I Jammed With Neo
December 11, 20022002-1211Exclusive Interview with Dogstar
October 11, 20022002-1011Keanu the musician hams it up with Dogstar
October 11, 20022002-1011Dogged by fame
July 30, 20012001-0730Nevada Happenings: Hot! Both Dogstar and the freakin' weather
June 24, 20012001-0624Keanu Reeves: Dog Star
April 18, 20012001-0418Reeves shines out of camera range
November 7, 20002000-1107What is the Dogstar?
November 7, 20002000-1107Get Ready to Rock With Keanu Reeves and Dogstar Exclusively On the Independent Film Channel
November 2000 2000-11xxDogstar are Sirius
October 15, 20002000-1015Dogstar - Canus Minor
October 11, 20002000-1011Rock on, dudes!
October 11, 20002000-1011Armour hangs out with Dogstar
October 2000 2000-10xxWalking the Dogstar
September 24, 20002000-0924Great vibes at Now & Zen
July 23, 20002000-0723Q&A with Dogstar
July 15, 20002000-0715Dogstar Sound Off
July 15, 20002000-0715Dogstar Has Its Day: Keanu Reeves' Band May See Its Debut Album Finally Released
July 13, 20002000-0713The Palace chat
July 11, 20002000-0711Keanu's Dogstar Finally Hits U.S. Stores
July 11, 20002000-0711Dogstar Chat
July 8, 20002000-0708Will Dogstar have its day? Reeves, bandmates hope tour has 'Happy Ending'
July 7, 20002000-0707AOL Chat
June 24, 20002000-0624(Title Unknown)
May 9, 20002000-0509Quit your day job, Keanu
June 4, 19991999-0604Keanu heads for Glastonbury
March 13, 1999 1999-0313Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves in India to promote his music
December 7, 19981998-1207Dogstar had audience screaming, salivating, on cue
July 17, 19981998-0717Rock off!
July 13, 19981998-0713My Night With Keanu
July 3, 1998 1998-0703Dogged by stardom
~ July 1998 1998-07xxDogstar
June 24, 19981998-0624Dogstar - Paw man's music
March 1998 1998-03xxRodie for a day

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