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November 5, 1995 1995-1105Keanu's a thrash fan
November 19951995-11xxKeanu Rrrrreeves
October 2, 1995 1995-1002Life Imitates Art at Forum Concert
September 19951995-09xxDogstar Live in Japan
August 27, 19951995-0827Keanu, You Beautiful Canadian Boy
August 22, 19951995-0822Keanu's Rockin Role Letter Rip: Gig Was Noteworthy (NOT!)
August 18, 19951995-0818Keanu and Pals Go for the Gold
August 17, 19951995-0817With Dogstar, Keanu's just part of the band
August 16, 19951995-0816Fans of Reeves' Band Turn Out for the Man, Not His Music
August 15, 1995 1995-0815Fans Turn Out for a Glimpse of 'Keanu!'
August 7, 19951995-0807Hitched to a Star
August 6, 1995 1995-0806Letters: Quit dogging Keanu and his band
August 5-6, 19951995-0805Keanu Reeves fans don't seem to care about the music
August 4, 1995 1995-0804Keanu Reeves plays guitarist in Dogstar
August 4, 1995 1995-0804Dogstar Attracts Fawning Fans, Delivers Mediocre Music
August 3, 1995 1995-0803Keanu's excellent adventure: A band!
August 3, 19951995-0803Keanu's rock band not a Dog but not a star
August 3, 1995 1995-0803Dogstar on Tour
August 2, 19951995-0802Keanu Reeves is the Music for Dogstar Fans
August 2, 19951995-0802Keanu homes in on Hub comic
August 19951995-08xxKeanu Reeves Rockstar?
July 31, 19951995-0731Keanu Reeves' Dogstar at the TLA
July 29, 19951995-0729Keanumania
July 29, 19951995-0729A Celebrity Upstages The Music
July 27, 19951995-0727Keanu Reeves, in a Brash New Adventure
July 27, 1995 1995-0727Dogstar's Music: Lots of Bark, But Lacks Original Bite
July 27, 19951995-0727A date with his band, Dogstar
July 25, 19951995-0725'Speed' metal: Keanu Reeves heats up Bohager's
July 24, 19951995-0724Dogstar orbits around music, not movie guy Keanu Reeves
July 22, 19951995-0722Keanu Reeves: It's not the music that causes the Dogstar audience to: scream
July 21, 1995 1995-0721'Speed' Mettle
July 21, 19951995-0721Facts and details to ponder in case you can't see Dogstar
July 21, 2995 1995-0721Dogstar With Hummer
July 20, 19951995-0720Keanu Reeves Comes to Town in a New Role - Musician
July 20, 19951995-0720Boys on the bus
July 18, 19951995-0718Keanu's Excellent Adventure
July 16, 1995 1995-0716Dogging Keanu
July 13, 19951995-0713Hey, these guys are Sirius
July 19951995-07xxMad Axe Attack!
July 19951995-07xxKeanu and Zima

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