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1996-02-00Careless Whispers
1996-01-01Why it doesn't matter if Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt aren't sleeping together
1996-01-00On the trail of a Keanu Rumor
1995-10-23Keanu's night job
1995-10-19Keanu just keeps moving
1995-09-00Vanity Un-Fair
1995-07-06Keanu, the rumours and the Gay Mafia
1995-07-00Keanu Sets the Record Straight
1995-06-03Not a gay day for Keanu
1995-06-03Keanu Believe It... I'm Not Gay
1995-05-24Keanu Reeves' straight talk
1995-04-04Public Eye
1995-03-07Wishful rumoring
1994-09-12Keanu's gay lifestyle