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May 19, 20032003-0519Keanu Reeves Speaks Out About Tragic Years
April 3, 20022002-0403Manson Sued for Wrongful Death
August 14, 2001 2001-0814Keanu Galpal's Fatal Crash Triggered by Pills & Cocaine
May 1, 20012001-0501Safety First for Keanu Reeves
April 27, 2001 2001-0427Keanu Reeves destroyed at his girlfriend’s funeral
April 24, 20012001-0424Keanu Reeves and Lover Reunited Before She Died
April 24, 2001 2001-0424Cops Find Drugs in Keanu Lover's Death Car
April 23, 20012001-0423Too Much Sorrow
April 23, 2001 2001-0423Reeves Tragedy
April 20, 20012001-0420He lost his love
April 18, 20012001-0418Keanu mourns his lost love
April 9, 20012001-0409The Tragedy
April 8, 20012001-0408Keanu lays his lady to rest in LA
April 6, 20012001-0406Keanu's lover dies in crash
April 5, 20012001-0405Keanu Reeves: I'm Mourning In Private
April 5, 20012001-0405Keanu Reeves' ex-girlfriend dies
April 5, 20012001-0405Car smash kills Keanu's girlfriend
March 19, 20002000-0319Keanu & Lover Split After Baby Tragedy
March 4, 20002000-0304Death of baby ends romance
January 25, 2000 2000-0125Keanu Reeves shattered over his stillborn baby
January 18, 20002000-0118Keanu's Gal-Pal Loses Baby
January 18, 20002000-0118Keanu Loses Baby
January 11, 20002000-0111Keanu Reeves mourns over daughter
January 10, 20002000-0110(Title Unknown)
December 15, 1999 1999-1215It's a girl for Keanu and Jen
December 8, 1999 1999-1208A dad on the road
November 29, 1999 1999-1129Happily Ava After
September 30, 19991999-0930Keanu quiet but content about kid
September 7, 19991999-0907Pregnant Claws
July 31, 19991999-0731Tea with Ted
July 30, 19991999-0730(Title Unknown)
July 29, 19991999-0729Keanu Can Do Fatherhood!
July 21, 19991999-0721Speed Bump
July 19991999-07xxPregnant Pause