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2020-09-17Keanu Reeves Teases New Matrix Movie Is a 'Love Story': 'It's Inspiring'
2020-09-16Keanu Reeves Talks Keeping Up His Gym Physique When Matrix 4 Shut Down
2020-08-27Keanu Reeves Gives Matrix 4 Update After Resuming Filming
2020-08-25Keanu Reeves Says 'Matrix 4' Is 'Something Very Special' (Exclusive)
2020-08-17Keanu Reeves says he didn't know about 'profound' transgender meaning behind 'The Matrix'
2020-07Why we re-entered the Matrix
2020-06-08The Matrix 4: Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss Tease ‘Beautiful Script’ With ‘Incredible Depth’ – Exclusive