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February 13, 20172017-0213Keanu Reeves on his love of motorbikes and the 'Sad Keanu' meme
April 30, 20132013-0430Keanu Reeves Meets His 'Sad Keanu' Meme
October 9, 20102010-1009Keanu Reeves Talks About His 'Sad Keanu' Cupcake
October 4, 20102010-1004Vulture Tells Keanu Reeves About ‘Sad Keanu’ — and He Approves!
September 22, 20102010-0922Keanu And A Cupcake
September 8, 20102010-0908Sad Keanu Just Fucking With Us Now
June 24, 20102010-0624Sad Keanu Makes Actor Unhappy, but Why?
June 23, 20102010-0623The world tries to cheer up Keanu Reeves
June 21, 20102010-0621"Sad Keanu Reeves" Meme Gets a Charitable URL Shortner:
June 15, 20102010-0615In honor of Cheer Up Keanu Day, here are seven reasons we're grateful for Keanu Reeves
June 15, 20102010-0615Help Cheer Up Keanu Reeves
June 15, 20102010-0615'Cheer Up Keanu Day' mobilizes outpouring of kindness for Keanu Reeves, on his behalf
June 15, 20102010-061510 Reasons Keanu Reeves Should Cheer Up. Plus, Keanu Bingo!
June 13, 20102010-0613Keanu Reeves: an outpouring of love
June 10, 20102010-0610Keanu Reeves (the nicest guy on the internet)
June 9, 20102010-0609Cheer Up Keanu Reeves Day - Newest Internet Sensation
June 5, 20102010-0605Keanu Reeves Day Is On Its Way