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January 10, 20182018-0110"I still do not feel sufficiently prepared for my death"
February 18, 20172017-0218Keanu Reeves - “What has Hollywood done for me lately?”
February 9, 20152015-0209"Gauguin's tragedy fascinates me"
January 20, 20152015-0120”In the end, the scars still remain”
January 27, 20142014-0127"Women are superior to me"
January 23, 20142014-0123Keanu Reeves: Acting is a universal language
April 9, 20132013-0409In the End, All Three Are Heroes
March 15, 20132013-0315Keanu Reeves über "Threesome" und neue Projekte
November 6, 20112011-1106Ten minutes with Keanu Reeves
November 3, 20112011-1103A Hollywood star without airs
August 14, 20102010-0814Keanu Reeves in Göttingen!
August 13, 20102010-0813Between the Hotel and Publisher: Waiting for Keanu
November 27, 20082008-1127BAMBI Awards 2008 - Best International Actor
November 13, 20082008-1113BAMBI 2008 For Keanu Reeves
April 14, 2008 2008-0414Keanu Reeves and his zest for guns
May 16, 20072007-0516Cannes Film Festival
May 11, 20072007-0511Pushed for Time
July 6, 20062006-0706"He did his best with the kissing"
July 20062006-07xxThe Dream Team
June 30, 20062006-0630Lost and Found
March 2005 2005-03xxKeanu alone at home
August 24, 20032003-0824Julia Robert ranks among Hollywood's large breadwinners
July 20032003-07xxThe Transcendental / More-Than-Sensual
May 20, 20032003-0520The Unreachable Hero
May 18, 2003 2003-0518My dream - being able to fly like Superman
20032003-xxxxMatrix Mega Fairy Tale
20032003-xxxxThe Beautiful Mystery
March 20022002-03xxKeanu Reeves Interview
September 19951995-09xxKeanu Reeves Exclusive - Interview
January 19951995-01xx14 Quick Questions for Keanu Reeves
November 17, 19941994-1117Keanu Reeves: "I miss my friend River very much..."
October 19931993-10xx“We often get bad eggs thrown at us!”
September 30, 1993 1993-0930I finally got to be really evil. I had a blast doing it!
September 1993 1993-09xxThe naked gun: Keeh-aahh-nooohh!!
September 19931993-09xx"I love the gypsy life!"
September 1993 1993-09xxThe Gentle Rocker
April 7, 19931993-0407Quick interview with Keanu Reeves
July 19921992-07xxKissable
June 1992 1992-06xxDandy, Agent and Callboy
November 19911991-11xxErotic from L.A.

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