Keanu SWAT Team in Action

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This is an archive of some of our past debates and discussions on the Internet outside of IMDb. The list consists of mostly mine at the moment, and those which the other members of the team alerted me to. The primary purpose of this page is to act as an archive; things elsewhere on the Internet tend to vanish with time. Parts have been omitted in the cases where the discussion temporarily digressed to other irrelevant topics, but other than that all posts have been left in their original state.

Usually, only the more substantial rebuttals made it on here, due partly to laziness and partly to the fact that it's just not worth it to archive our rebuttals to every single one-liner that declares Keanu one with the forest.

I stopped archiving debates here in 2009, partly because most take place in the medium of e-mail. One person took issue with its publication, and in the interests of respecting others' privacy, I shall leave the discussions off this site.

27.09.09 - Response to articles "THE HIGH-GRADE WORKFORCE AND NEO and "KEANU REEVES IS JESUS"

18.05.08 - Response to acrylic painting removed upon request.

29.02.08 - Response to blog entry 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore'

27.02.08 - Response to blog entry 'Please Explain: Keanu Reeves'

26.02.08 - Response to post in thread 'No award for old men?'

25.02.08 - Response to article 'Why the Matrix Sucked'

19.02.08 - Response to mock letter 'To Whom It May Concern: Keanu Reeves Edition'

16.02.08 - Response to blog entry 'Keanu'

11.02.08 - Response to post in thread 'There is no spoon: The Matrix Discussed'