sideways from eternity

Hi! Most people online know me as Anakin McFly. I'm a published science-fiction writer and poet from Singapore, and this site is a portfolio of some of the fandom stuff I've done – websites, graphic design, videos and fan fiction.

I’m responsible for the Keanu Reeves fansite Whoa is (Not) Me, home to what is currently the largest archive of Keanu articles and interviews in the world. I also used to run with the help of the occasional volunteer. Other retired fansite projects include the Back to the Future fan fiction directory, FutureFix, which ran from 2007 to 2011, and Quintology, a feed aggregator for Zachary Quinto fandom. Both of those sites are now archived at WINM.

I also created and run the Tumblr blogs Texts From Keanuspawn and Texts From Quintoplets.

I can be reached at the email address admin(at)

I know where my towel is.