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Kenselton Hotel Saga

This is a series of fics in which various characters get zapped into and trapped in a mysterious hotel within a world in which they are, allegedly, fictional. There's no standard reading order; chronologically, 'Real World' comes first, and has mild influence on later events, but all the fics work as standalones. If you're not familiar with all the fandoms involved, it shouldn't be an issue; I wasn't either, when I first started writing...

Real World was my first completed novel ever, started at the age of 13 and finished in 2006 when I was 16. It's loosely based on the interactive e-mail fic They've Got Mail that I wrote back in 2003–2005. Marty McFly discovers that he's fictional in another world, and then gets zapped there – into a place called Kenselton Hotel – along with fellow unfortunate victims Neo, Ted 'Theodore' Logan and Frank Bannister. Luke Skywalker was an accident.

The Not-Particularly-Excellent Adventures of the Keanu-Spawn is a standalone novel that takes place some time after that. Neo and Ted are snatched into a new version of Kenselton Hotel, and trapped on the 4th floor of Block F with a bunch of other Keanu characters who don't really like each other very much. Written from 2005–2010.

Quinto Formaggi is a standalone parallel novel, taking place at roughly the same time as the above fic but on the 17th floor of Block J: chronicling the misfortunes of Zachary Quinto's characters, who had the rotten luck to be stuck with Sylar and his issues. Written from 2010–2011.


Each of the three main fics above had their own sequels and/or spin-offs that are available at the respective pages.

Chatfic Scripts

Compiled Chatfics (ZIP FILE)

Multi-fandom | (89 pieces, 132,641 words including some of the Keanuspawn stuff linked above)
Scripts co-written with my friend Caitlin. Involving Keanu's characters, ZQ's characters... mostly Heroes and The Matrix, and a scary amount of Cowboy Bebop, which is totally her fault. :|
There were some pretty epic stories in there at one point, though it starts slow and then kind of peters off. heheh, peter.