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The shiny DVDs line the bookshelf in alphabetical order (or chronological order, because disagreeing members continue to sneakily rearrange them). In the centre of the room, the projector hangs from the ceiling and shines on the blank screen opposite the long sofa. Popcorn lies ready in the cupboards above the microwave and sink; next to that is a stack of notebooks and stationery for those who like taking notes.

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The Films of Keanu Reeves
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Let's have a Matrix threadmatrixnospoon032524 days ago | by: LucaM
JOHN WICK 3 ?LucaM9829 days ago | by: LucaM
Toy Story 4LucaM1133 days ago | by: LucaM
BILL AND TED 3ARYA6935 days ago | by: LucaM
JOHN WICK?ARYA71491 days ago | by: Freya
The Spongebob Movie LucaM094 days ago | by: LucaM
Constantine LucaM216106 days ago | by: MmeRenard
Hobbs & ShawLucaM1116 days ago | by: LucaM
Rally CarLucaM12118 days ago | by: LucaM
SpeedLucaM54160 days ago | by: LucaM
A Scanner DarklyJoke22180 days ago | by: LucaM
Tai-Chi Tigerinkhuldra97252 days ago | by: recordofyouth
Always Be My Maybe_ NetflixLucaM6259 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
JOHN WICK 4 ? LucaM0271 days ago | by: LucaM
Point Breakinkhuldra39322 days ago | by: LucaM
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