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16 May 2024: I've created a dedicated page for fake social media claims about Keanu.
Reminder that Keanu Reeves is not on social media and does not contact fans asking for money or donations or offers to join him on holiday. Please be discerning, and help inform anyone who may be particularly vulnerable to such scams. Stay safe out there.

Keanu Reeves Once Wrote Lance Reddick a Letter Crediting Him for Making People ‘Love John Wick,’ Says Late Actor Made the Character ‘Okay’ for Viewers

5 Feb 2024 | Zack Sharf | Variety

“I once told him … Well, actually I wrote him a letter, and I said, ‘People love John Wick because Charon loves John Wick,'” Reeves continued. “Because that character loved John Wick, that made John Wick okay. And so when I got to act with him, we had such an affection.” ... Read more

Keanu Reeves To Team With Writer China Miéville On ‘BRZRKR’ Novel; Random House’s Del Rey Imprint Will Publish

10 Jan 2024 | Greg Evans | Deadline

The novel – Reeves’ first – is set in the world the BRZRKR comic series Reeves created with writer Matt Kindt and artist Ron Garney. The novel will follow an immortal warrior on a millennia-long quest to discover the key to his immortality (and perhaps, a way to free himself from it).... Read more

Keanu Reeves recalls giving magic mushrooms to Francis Ford Coppola

23 Dec 2023 | Kevin E G Perry | Independent

Keanu Reeves has recalled once giving director Francis Ford Coppola magic mushrooms as a birthday gift. “I gave Francis Ford Coppola, once, for his birthday, some mushrooms,” the 59-year-old actor told the Inside Of You Podcast with Michael Rosenbaum. “While we were doing Dracula.”... Read more

Watch Keanu Reeves’ Dogstar Showcase Pensive Song ‘Blonde’ on ‘Fallon’

14 Dec 2023 | Emily Zemler | Rolling Stone

Dogstar stopped by The Tonight Show to perform their single “Blonde.” The group, led by actor and bassist Keanu Reeves, offered a powerhouse rendition of the anthemic track flanked by festive holiday lights.... Read more

Brawn: The Impossible F1 Story - Keanu Reeves on the 'fairytale underdog story'

15 Nov 2023 | Ciaran Varley | BBC

It's the "fairytale underdog story" Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves said simply had to be told on screen.... Read more

Intruders break into Keanu Reeves’ home in the Hollywood Hills — again

8 Dec 2023 | Anthony De Leon | Los Angeles Times

Keanu Reeves’ Hollywood Hills home was once again broken into Wednesday night, according to authorities and reports.... Read more

Keanu Reeves, Jonah Hill Dark Comedy ‘Outcome’ Lands at Apple

5 Apr 2023 | Borys Kit | The Hollywood Reporter

The two A-listers will star in the feature which Hill co-wrote and will direct.... Read more

Keanu Reeves On Reuniting Dogstar, Chasing His Dreams In Music, Movies

21 Nov 2023 | Andrew Magnotta | iheart com

"I feel really lucky and grateful," he says of his divergent careers. "I love working. I love working hard. I love being dedicated. I love the feeling of believing in a vision and wanting to make it happen. ...[Films and music are] about people being on the same page and collectively coming together on stage with your talent and your craft, your passion."... Read more

The Sun, The Moon, and the Dogstar

3 Oct 2023 | Liza Lentini | Spin

“This is who we are now,” Keanu says. “We're all over 50. I think to what Robert was saying…the influences that we have are coming through us into how we interpret, but also what we create in the moment. I think that's individually and collectively…that's what Dogstar is. It's like all of these personal things and then us collectively coming out with this music that would not happen if it wasn't the three of us. “Individually, none of us would write a Dogstar song, but collectively, with who we are as artists and who we are, when we all come together and start to make music together…the sum of the parts is Dogstar.” ... Read more

Keanu Reeves on Reuniting with Band Dogstar for Album & Tour (Exclusive)

17 Aug 2023 | | ExtraTV

Keanu Reeves going full rock star with Dogstar, reuniting with his alt rock band for their first album in nearly two decades and a tour! “It was exciting to play music together. And there was a consensus from all of us that... ‘Yeah, this feels cool. And we're doing some cool stuff. Let's play. Let's write and make a record and let's play some shows.’”... Read more

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It's been 8 years since the last dinosaur, so let's make up for it with a really cool one! This is the psittacosaurus. (It is not to be confused with a pistachiosaurus, which is a dinosaur made up of pistachio nuts.) The psittacosaurus was a Early Cretaceous herbivorous dinosaur originating in Asia. It had a beak, and quills on its tail, and possibly looked like a giant parrot with legs. It was roughly 2m in length.

There are 12 known species of psittacosaurus, the highest for any non-avian dinosaur so far. Hundreds of fossils have been discovered across China, Russia, Mongolia and Thailand – many of them complete skeletons from all stages of life.

Psittacosaurus had a small but advanced brain. It is estimated to have had a high EQ, suggesting nest-building and parental care behaviours and possibly good companionship for any lost time travellers. (Notably, however, the T-rex also had a high EQ, and that did not stop it from happily eating people in the scientific documentary that is Jurassic Park. Do always take caution when going on excellent adventures through time.)

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