The door swings open as you approach. 'KEANU SWAT TEAM: HEADQUARTERS', reads the sign on the door. You know you want to go in. You know you do.

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News & Announcements
News and announcements pertaining to the site and forums.
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The Website
Anything to do with WINM.
145595 days ago
by Anakin McFly in Thank You Anakin!
Legends of Keanu
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Legends of The Anu
Anecdotes and worthy comments that people have shared about Keanu
1510 days ago
by LucaM in Fan and non-fan encounters, stories, anecdotes, etc.
Anything Keanu
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The Reeves Report
Latest happenings in the life of The Anu.
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by LucaM in Broadway?
The Films of Keanu Reeves
New projects, old favourites, long philosophical discussions on The Matrix... all here.
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by LucaM in JOHN WICK 5?
The Library
Discuss articles, discuss books, share scripts and interviews.
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by secretkeeper81 in Bits and snippets off the web
Everything Else KCR
Whatever does not fit above.
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by Anakin McFly in Dogstar
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New on this site? Tell us about yourself!
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by secretkeeper81 in Can you believe I turned into a fan in 2022?
Fan Creations
Fan fiction, fan art, fan videos, both those you've made and those you've found.
6528 days ago
by Branson Hill in His stillness speaks volumes
The Fans
The essence of fandom is the people in it; both the good and the bad, the sane and the not, the joys and the pain and the trolls... (MEMBERS ONLY)
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by Michael Pasquale in Open Letter to Keanu Reeves
Fishing Spots
We SWAT in the name of Keanu. (MEMBERS ONLY)
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Off-Topic Chat
For everything else there is to be said.
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