thank you, keanu

These were originally collected for the website, launched by Reddit user Funkelbie shortly after the Sad Keanu / Cheer Up Keanu Day meme first exploded on the Internet. LucaM and inkhuldra from WINM were two of the volunteers who helped process the many submissions, and after that site went down, Funkelbie agreed to have them on this site instead.

Thanks to everyone who helped put this archive together and/or contributed to the over 600 outpourings of love and gratefulness that is this collection; and thanks also, Keanu, for being who you are.

(Many post-titles from older posts were sadly lost, but the newer ones have them.)

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Good Person
You really are a good person, good luck!


Lexie + Keanu
Keanu, I love you dearly. <3

Lexie Patton

Cheer up!
You're Great Keanu, you gave us a lot of good films!!


From Germany with Love
A lot of BIG hugs and smiles and kisses for this nice man.
I love you, Keanu, and I wish you all the best.


Thank you for being so awesomely awesome! You deserve everything good in the world.


Thanks Keanu
Thanks for entertaining millions of people across the world. Please know that you have many people who care about you and hope that you continue to pursue whatever it is that makes you happy.


why i want to thank keanu
dear keanu,
thank you for many things. firstly, thank you for 'speed'. it is one of my favourite movies of all time and when you say, "what. would. you. DO?" it's just so intense and i love it.
thank you also for 'bill and ted's'. without this movie, my friend and i would not be 'most excellent' and we would not be able to appreciate the coolness of you.
i would like you to know that even though i have no idea what it's about, i would also like to thank you for the 'matrix'. the first time my friends and i watched it, we were very drunk so it made even less sense. i enjoyed it nonetheless.
even my friends and family know that you're my favourite actor. for my eighteenth birthday, my mum got a picture of you put on my birthday cake. i would upload it on here but i dont know how. also, when a former boyfriendish (he wasn't my boyfriend, we were just inbetween) and i called things off, my group of friends organised a keanu day for me, where we all watched your movies and had a fabulous time.

thank you keanu reeves, for being keanu.
love marlee xoxo

marlee viero

Wyld Stalyn Rules
You're a perfect example of what a human being should be, kind, selfless, and humble. Party on Keanu.
And thanks.

Rob Peeler

You maybe able to dodge bullets..
But you can't dodge my love for you..

You're the best ever!

Jo-el Oxales

this is certainly a very weird thing to do but somehow it also seems pretty cool. Thanks for the films!


Thank You Keanu
Seeing Keanu going through all this and yet he still remains a solid actor really inspires me to be happy for what i have. I LOVE YOU KEANU


There once was a lad from beirut,
He was calm, kind and astute,
'Keanu' his name,
Deserved his fame,
Cos the fella really was a beaut.


Dave Mayes

Bro, really, don\'t be sad! Everything will gonna be all right! You're the best!

Anon from Poland.

Polish Anon

For being so generous and humble
Dear Keanu,
For everything you've gone through in your life I respect you an umpteen amount. It's great to see such a chill guy working hard. I hope you stay safe and well.

Thank you.


Thank You Keanu
Seeing Keanu going through all this and yet he still remains a solid actor really inspires me to be happy for what i have.


Thank you, sir.
I'd just like to add my voice to all those who have already commented. Keanu Reeves is a fantastic actor, deserving of much love and happiness and I hope he finds/has both of those things.


From a bro, to a bro.
I'm not good at making long speaches and all. So I just want to say one thing. You have people who truely care about you, so dont let life get the best of you.You have too much to live for.

Stay strong Keanu :)


Hugs for Keanu!
You're an amazing role model and I hope you know that we all love you!


Thank you, mr Reeves
You are incredible. Keep on doing the good things! You have a lot of support around this earth, and I'm sure it's because we all look up to how amazing you are.
Much love and hugs.


We Love ya!
Keanu, since I watched "The Matrix", you are one of my favourite actors, and T.M. is still my favourite action movie. Now that I know your story, I wanna tell you that I'm here for you, like every single person who wrote on this site. I'm from Italy, I'm writing this to tell you that, although I'm really far, I'm there, and I love you. You're a great man.
Cheer Up! ;)


On t'aime Keanu!
You are a role model to loads of people in the entire world, we love and admire your personality and films! Hugs from France x


an incredible bro
You are a true gentleman. Thank you.


Free Massage Bro
Free massage whenever you need to relax Keanu. Today in school I learned to do deep tissue. I've gotten pretty good responses from my techniques so far.
I'm thankful that there are people like you out there striving to further cancer research. So many people in my life have had or do have cancer. It's a scary battle. There are people there for your sister and for you. Take care of yourself.


A True Sui Generis
This is simply a heartfelt Thank You from me to you for the lovely, graceful, loyal, kind, and generous spirit of which you are, Mr. Reeves.
Though I need not worry as it is often written that you are sincerely gracious to fans, please be warned in advance that I am most certain to be a bungling and babbling lost cause when I have the honor of crossing paths with you someday (this is my wish).
Be it through the various characters of your impressive and long-lasting filmography or through your remarkable quiet strength when having to deal with life's difficulties and the mean-spiritedness of some, know that there is no other actor I wholeheartedly admire, and can pull at my heart strings the way you do. I cannot explain it but you have that effect on many, it seems.
I am grateful and appreciate that you are a part of this big world. If we all borrowed a page from your "book," the world would be sweeter.
"One of the most important things in life is showing up."
Keanu Reeves, "Hardball"

Indeed you have, Dear Brother...indeed you have! A true sui generis.



Not alone at all
Man i really admire you, I know your live isn't easy but your not alone in this world, a lot of brothers are here to me you cheer! saluti dall'Italia keep figthing man, you're our inspiration


Cheer up Keanu
We all love you, and just want to give you our support.

Thank you Keanu

Adam Perry

New Zealand
You are an inspiration. We send you happy thoughts from NZ!


Awesome Bro
Keanu, you are a real bro and a genuinely awesome guy. Please keep making badass movies so that we can all continue to enjoy your awesomeness on screen.

Liam Duffy

Thanks :)
you are great keanu, thankyou for everything


An Inspiration
Your acting inspired me as a child, and now I have found out more about your life and the hardships therein you have inspired me as an adult, thank you Keanu!

Max Cartwright

Your a good man Keanu Reeves
Keep hanging in there, continue to be awesome.

Jay Barrow

You Inspire Me
In many ways. I'm an actor just beginning his career, but it was watching you as a child that inspired me to do that. The more I've read of you the more I realize the importance of being just a good person on top of that. Thanks, man. I really appreciate you.

Eric Komans

Yo, Johnny! I see you in the next life!

Thank you Keanu Reeves, you make me smile :)


+1 Keanu
Cheer up buddy, you're the man :)

Chris McGoogan


Luke Skinner

much love to an awesome guy <3
Been a fan for 20 years, and he still lights up my life. Everyone I know adores him - cheer up, Keanu! You are loved.


You are good, man. You are good.
Life sucks, we know... but everything goes.
Just keep strong, OK?



Hang in there dude. u can do it!


Cheer up day
Lovely people like yourself help make this planet a much nicer place - plus today is my son's birthday so how could I forget!
Love to you :-)


Cheer Up Bro
I know sometimes things are tough, and life seems harsh and unforgiving, but there's always a light at the end. Always. Cheer up Bro, you have millions of adoring fans, and millions more have joined them today. If I could get to you, I'd hug you.

Nicholas Bazely

you have always, and always will kick ass in my eyes keanu! CANADA!


Cheer up, Keanu!
Cheer up, bro!


One of the best actors out there
THANKS!. You're the man! One of my favourite actors ever. Keep up the good work :)


Because sometimes life gives you lemons...
And you know Keanu is there, utilizing every single part of the lemon, making sure that one unfortunate circumstance doesn't breed another. I hope this nontraditional website shows that lemons don't always have to be made into lemonade - sometimes lemon meringue pie is good too.
Thanks for showing us all how to be better people.


Keanu. You're one of my favourite actors. I remember doing so many school projects about you as a kid. And then not too long ago I found out about your life. You're one of the greatest people out there and I wish I could be half the bro you are.


you're the ONE man! what more reason would you need to smile?! :D
you're awesome. smile mister! :)


Keanu is THA Bomb
I always liked your work, and all thoses stories about you being nice to movie crew are excellent! woohoo!


Cheer up!
No idea what to write
Just cheer up man


Dear Keanu! Mary me!! Please! I can't live here anymore! Come and get me to America!


If We Can Help, We Will
I think it's the heartfelt wishes of everyone on this website, Mr. Reeves, that you feel better, and cheer up. It's hard to do that when it's just said, because it feels like an empty platitude, but it really is our heartfelt wish. You're a good man, Keanu Reeves, and more good men need the support of the masses.

Pratz Strike

Thank you, sir.
Thank you, Keanu, for making so many people's lives better.


Baby seals cry for you, Keanu
You're awesome, and we can, too.


Dear Keanu
I just shed a tear for you. A tear of joy.


We have the same last name, that makes me cool. I like you for giving me the new nickname of 'Keanu'. I am now badass.

Ally Reeves

The fact that you're still here is a testament to how strong you are. People look up to you, Keanu! Make them proud!


I hope you feel better soon! Hope we manage to put a smile on your face with all the love around the world. Know that we've got your back and support you. LOVE AND HUGS!


cheer up bro
love from venezuela

Gianfranco Valentini

i just read about the kinds of things you do and the way you treat people. ted's always been a hero of mine and you're the real deal! even if you can't always tell, your compassion and kindness are appreciated. i've never even met you and you touched me, not because of your movies really, but because you are a real bhodisattva! gassho, ted!


Thank you Keanu
My birthday is in the same day as yours, so from now on I'm going to celebrate your birthday together with mine.
We love you!

José Maia

We really love you dude! You have touched our hearts through your art and all the films. The truth about who you are shines through. You deserve an award, not form the academy but from the human race! Whoa! will live on forever....much love form Singapore!

Tracy De Rozario

We (I) love you
Cheer up, Cool breeze over the mountains, we love you !


Thank you for being you
Keanu. You probably won't read this, but thanks for just being yourself. You're awesome, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. <3


for my childhood and everything else.
that's pretty much it. thanx for being so constant in my upbringing. may the best be for the rest of yours.


Thank you so much, Keanu!
After a friend showed me something, I realized how much of a bro, and how much of a saint you are.
It will be my pleasure to continue being excellent to others, and to spread your example to those around me.
Keep it up, we're all hoping for your happiness!

Much love and regards,


Thank you Keanu
Be happy, the world is a beautiful place, a harsh place, but the people you love make it beautiful.
Just to let you know you are in my thoughts!


We love you, Keanu!
Your existence is noble and sublime. Cheer up, bro!


Keanu, I\'ve enjoyed every movie I\'ve seen you in, and you seem like a really awesome guy!


Thank you for making films that entertain us and for being an all around good human being.
I wish you and your family all the best.


Why be sad when you are the epitome of a badass?
I can realate to you on some level, my father died when I was 12. I am sorry for all the bad times you have been through, but you have a lot going for you! Including thousands of people showing their appreciation. Thank You, Keanu Reeves!


You were really good in the Matrix. The sequels weren't the best only due to the lack of creative script. It's not you, it's the writer. <3


My apologies.
Mr Reeves, you have been through alot. The moment this meme came on we all had a good laugh. Yet we quickly realized how much we still wanted to make you happy. I really hope even the smallest donation makes you happy.


see you space cowboy
i love you, keanu reeves! you are an all-around awesome person and your selfless humanitarianism is an inspiration.
bill & ted's excellent adventure changed my life.


Look at all the support you're getting
Seriously, your loved man


cheer up buddy
At the year's end, you will probably be one of the Internet's most beloved celebrities. You should feel good knowing that you are on the same level as other nice guys, like Conan O'Brien and Captain John Luc Picard.
Hang in there. You're on the upswing!


This is all amazing - these messages are so positive and hilarious. It can only be good! Keanu is the dude.

dan bowan

Cheer up, Keanu!
Thank you, Keanu, for being so awesome and making the world a better place. I regularly donate to the American Cancer Society, and this $20 is going out as a thanks to you!! It's amazing to see so many people donating to a good cause. THANK YOU!

Brenna OBrien

A True Hero
I've grown up with your movies and you were truly my first favorite actor. You are certainly one of the finest people to walk this planet in these hard times, and you give an example of human kindness while there is almost none in the world today. You give me hope and inspire me and I can only hope that our future holds as much promise that you provide. Thank you for everything you have done. You are fantastic.


On t'aime.
Because "On t'aime." mean that everyone love you, here, in France.


Wishing a great day
Wishing a great day for a great actor


When I am sad Keanu makes me happy. I hope we can do the same.
I love you.

Rosalie Cronin



To a wonderfull man
Im from québec canada, and what i want say it's you are the greatest and everyone love you really much

Nicolas Bouffard Savoie

You're a beautiful soul
Dear Keanu,
You're a beautiful, sensitive soul. The world is a much better place for your being in it.

Thank you.


Cheers from France
You're a nice guy Keanu, hope you'll find hapiness soon, and never again those kind of pics on the internet.

Keep smiling


Hola Keanu!
Dear Keanu: From Costa Rica, greetings filled with lots of love!

Ana Victoria

thank you for being awesome
Hey bro, I'm glad for this opportunity to let you know how awesome I (and all these other people) think you are. Without knowing you personally, you are already one of the people I look up to and aspire to be like - - you're truly inspirational. So thank you for being you. I only wish more people were are generous and genuine as you.



Great actor, great humanitarian
Thank you Keanu for being such a great person and contributing so much to the world through your talent and donations! You are a great person! Keep being awesome.


We Accept You
We accept you like a good credit score! You rock man! Cheer up!


We hope this brings a smile on your face
We love you Keanu, don't be sad, know that all of us are behind you 110%, whatever happens.


Good Times Ahead
Cheer up, Bro! My friends and I wish you all the joy and good luck in the world!

Stefan Manolov

France wish you all the best


Thanks for so many great films, and for being such a good guy. I donated in your honor too. :)


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