( reeves oeuvre )

A database of Keanu's film, TV and stage work, with summaries, links to trailers and links to movies available online.

( characters database )

Photos, descriptions and analyses of the many characters The Anu has breathed life into, in an attempt to put to rest once and for all the folks who keep insisting that all of Keanu's forty-plus characters are exactly the same.

( keanu.ru photo gallery )

Links to the extensive photo gallery of the Keanu Russian Club.

( thank you keanu )

These were originally collected for the website ThankYouKeanu.com, launched by Reddit user Funkelbie shortly after the Sad Keanu / Cheer Up Keanu Day meme first exploded on the Internet. LucaM and inkhuldra from WINM were two of the volunteers who helped process the many submissions, and after that site went down, Funkelbie agreed to have them on this site instead.

( scripts & books )

This collection includes drafts and final shooting scripts for various Keanu movies, as well as the novelisations for some of them. Also included are scripts for films that Keanu has signed on to at some point and will hopefully be made in future.

( music )

A collection of music and lyrics from the band Dogstar, comprising Bret Domrose on vocals and lead guitar, Rob Mailhouse on drums and Keanu on bass. Gregg Miller played guitar during the earlier years.

( adventures of the keanuspawn )

A novel and series of short stories following the continued adventures of Keanu's characters

( spelling lessons )

How to spell 'Keanu Reeves'

( things in keanu's beard )

Chronicling the vibrant community of that region

( the mythos of keanu )

The intriguing origins of this species