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The room is a creative mess of junk. No one really knows what most of those things do, but such is art. Writers scribble or type intently away at fan fiction at the few spots of desk not covered in stuff; elsewhere in the room, artists' pencils and brushes fly over blank pieces of paper, as the looped noise of an in-construction music video fills the room, annoying if you stay too long.

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Fan Creations
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I had to draw one of favs AdriannaM.1142546 days ago | by: KikiB
John Wick 2 The Impossible Task Fanficsilver3
Fanpop Article silver02587 days ago | by: silver
A Poem Inspired by An Actor, A Man.silver22589 days ago | by: Spirit
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Music video (Generation Um)Joke02941 days ago | by: Joke
OTW's Fan Culture Preservation ProjectAnakin McFly12971 days ago | by: ARYA
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