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The other doors in the hallway beckon, leading off to other parts of the fandom. Names chiseled out on burnished bronze plates label each door: 'KeanuWeb', says one, 'Keanu Reeves Network', says another; and 'Club Keanu', Keanu Connection', and 'Keanu On Demand'.

A little way on lies a door marked 'IMDb Keanu Boards': a favourite hangout of several K-SWAT members who pride themselves on their ability to brave the fish that infest that place. Rumour has it that there exists a secret passage from the library to the IMDb boards, but no one has yet to find it.

Further down the corridor, the walls break off and leave a stretch of floor bridging the gap between this building and the next. They say trolls lie beneath that bridge, and that it is never a good idea to feed them.

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