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Temporary hiatus until 17 August
Anakin McFly
2013-08-08 10:57


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Hi Keanustans! This is a belated announcement to say that I'm currently traveling with my family in Washington DC and New York City for the next couple weeks, since I just finished my internship in NYC. My computer is locked up in a bag in the apartment I rented, so I probably won't be able to get to it until I'm back home in Singapore on the 17th. Site news updates will be on a break until then, but as usual, people are doing a great job with updates at the forums, so keep an eye on them!

- Anakin

2013-08-09 05:45

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Have fun with your family! We'll mind the store while you're gone ;-)
2013-08-10 06:04

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So glad for your opportunity to be offline and congrats on finishing the internship!
2013-08-28 22:56

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Hope you had a good holiday! I've just got back from mine, so I'm a bit behind the times ...

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