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Can't Catch a Break
2014-09-20 03:25

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On top of everything else that has happened, my mom's CT scan came back positive for cancer. The PET scan confirmed it, so she's going into surgery a week from today. My family really can't catch a break. I may not be around much for a while. Will keep you updated as I can.
2014-09-20 05:22

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I'm really sorry Spark. I don't know about the rest of the things going on in your life, but just last week I was almost put in a similar situation with my mom. Luckily though, it wasn't cancerous, just a tumor. I'm sorry your family couldn't have gotten some of that luck too. I seriously hope that things get better for you all, and that everything goes okay with the surgery.
Anakin McFly
2014-09-20 08:40


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Hugs. Take care, and I hope all goes well with your mom.
2014-09-20 11:54

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I'am truly sorry life has been unkind to you Spark. Hope and pray that things turn around for the better real soon. Meanwhile I hope your family finds the strength to face every challenge. Will always keep you and your Mom in my prayers.

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