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destroying DVDs
Taluthah2016-09-26 02:04:19

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I have a question, is it possible to destroy DVDs by watching them too often? I'm old enough to remember using video tapes and I know that they suffer every time used.

Does the same happen with DVDs? I took some with me during my vacation and watched them on my laptop. "Dirty Dancing" not watched for a long time worked perfectly, the Matrix DVDs drove me nuts, stopping every now and then.

Any idea to prevent the destruction? I'm quite pissed off, I only buy a movie if I intend to watch it more than once.

Thanks for your feedback.


2016-09-27 00:24:21

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I noticed the same thing with DVDs bought in my country... I blame it on the poor quality of the DVD. At least in my case...

Theoretically DVDs should last a lot longer than video tape...

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