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IMDb shuts down boards
2017-02-05 01:27:07

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I don't know whether some of you were active on the IMDb boards.

I was and went there everyday to check Keanu's board and now the area ends. I use IMDb since 2005 and it was fun, because there was a big crowd socializing.

Well, now I'll mourn a few days ...

2017-02-05 18:11:31

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I registered there as an user in 2005, too. Those days, it was fun. There was even good fanfiction in those threads. And WINM was created as a 'response' to some other threads...
But that was then. Last few years, it went downhill. Fast. With above 50 mph, like.
So, good riddance.
Whatever they replace it with, I hope it's connected to a social media account - like Rotten Tomatoes does. This way there'll be less trolling...

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