Pain heals, Chicks dig scars... Glory lasts forever
Pros on strike. Everyday guys get to play.
Throw the ball. Catch the girl. Keep it simple.
Hit hard

The Replacements (2000)

Director:Howard Deutch
Writers:Vince McKewin
Runtime:118 min (Australia 114 min)
Script:Draft 2
Shooting Draft (1999)
Articles:Focus: 'The Replacements'
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Keanu ReevesShane Falco
Gene HackmanJimmy McGinty
Brooke LangtonAnnabelle Farrell
Orlando JonesClifford Franklin
Faizon LoveJamal Jackson
Michael TaliferroAndre Jackson (as Michael 'Bear' Taliferro)
Ace YonamineJumbo
Troy WinbushWalter Cochran
David DenmanBrian Murphy
Jon FavreauDaniel Bateman
Michael JaceEarl Wilkinson / Ray Smith
Rhys IfansNigel 'The Leg' Gruff
Gailard SartainPilachowski
Art LaFleurBanes
Brett CullenEddie Martel


When the professional football team, The Washington Sentinels, go on strike, a motley bunch of regular guys are brought in as their replacements to finish the season's last four games. Hilarity ensues.

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(2009-09-08 10:12:37)

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It's always a hoot to watch.

Even now, when I see Jon Favreau in something I think of him in the Replacements going "You the MAN tonight Clifford Franklin!" LOL.

And I LOVE Keanu through the whole thing. He rocks!

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