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Matrix Reloaded, The (2003)

Year Filmed:March 26, 2001 - August 21, 2001
Director:Lana & Lilly Wachowski
Writers:Lana & Lilly Wachowski
Runtime:138 min
Script:2001 Draft
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Keanu ReevesNeo
Laurence FishburneMorpheus
Carrie-Anne MossTrinity
Gloria FosterOracle
Helmut BakaitisThe Architect
Lambert WilsonThe Merovingian
Randall Duk KimThe Keymaker
Clayton WatsonThe Kid
Jada Pinkett SmithNiobe
Anthony WongGhost
Harold PerrineauLink
Neil RaymentTwin #1
Adrian RaymentTwin #2
Collin ChouSeraph
Monica BellucciPersephone
Ian BlissBane
Nona GayeZee
Harry LennixCommander Lock
Anthony ZerbeCouncillor Hamann
David RobertsRoland


The not-particularly-awesome sequel to the awesome that is The Matrix. In this we get our first view of the underground city of Zion. The film follows the continuing journey of Neo and friends, as they go around doing stuff that involve a lot of people whose names start with 'the'. Agent Smith has meanwhile come back from deletion and started spreading through the Matrix virus style (and would have probably been more interesting if he had advertised herbal weight loss pills while he was at it. All that spam has to come from somewhere...), which isn't too nice of him.

Then there's this fellow called The Merovingian with a funny French accent and two twins creatively named The Twins who can phase through walls and stuff. Neo and friends have to locate The Keymaker and get Neo to The Source - meeting and talking to The Oracle along the way - where he then talks to The Architect and discovers the truth about The Matrix and his destiny as The One.

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loved it (2010-08-15 22:16:37)

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I watched it again this week and couldn't stop thinking.

The fight scenes were all really good. Keanu is great as usual, and I think the car chase was the best I'd ever seen. And the special effects were incredible-- apparently Trinity's kamikaze dive out of the building was contructed completely from scratch.

The Merovingian's speech made me think. Are we really free? Have I actually ever made a free choice in my life? Probably not. It's actually quite unnerving. The fact that the Oracle says that "you didn't come to make the choice-- you've already made it" doesn't help. It's still kind of creepy...

I love how the Wachowskis think everything through in the Matrix movies-- how no scene is insignificant, how every word said by the character hints a deeper meaning, how every name, color, and number matters. Even the music is symbolic. (Apparently the main Matrix theme was created by Don Davis based on the theme of reflections throughout the trilogy.)

I think the plot of the Matrix Reloaded, along with the rest of the trilogy, is one of the best I have ever seen. I don't know why so many people say the sequels were terrible. D:

It was also the first Keanu movie I'd seen when it came up on tv in Febuary 2010 (right in the bullet time scene where Neo throws off all the Smiths.) I guess this movie was a turning point for me-- it made me begin to question reality, existence... everything.

Thank you Larry and Andy Wachowski. :D

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