Something's Gotta Give (2003)

Year Filmed:2003
Director:Nancy Meyers
Writers:Nancy Meyers
Runtime:128 min
Articles:Focus: 'Something's Gotta Give'
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Jack NicholsonHarry Sanborn
Diane KeatonErica Barry
Keanu ReevesJulian Mercer
Frances McDormandZoe
Amanda PeetMarin
Jon FavreauLeo
Paul Michael GlaserDave
Rachel TicotinDr. Martinez


Harry Sanborn has a penchant for young women less than half his age, his latest girlfriend being Marin. When he suddenly suffers a heart attack at her mother Erica's house, a love triangle develops between him, Erica, and the doctor treating him.

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mad cool (2017-03-16 12:55:16)

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I dig this movie. The comedic timing from Diane Keaton, and Jack Nicholson is of course expert level. The secondary characters are somewhat interesting in their own right.

I love Keanu's performance as Dr. Mercer. I sort of wish there was an epilogue telling us that he at least finds some fun in Paris. He exuded an easy charm in this performance. Mad cool.

I didn't question for a second that Mercer and Erica really had an attraction to each other.

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