Hollywood's comic relief is India's leading man.

Bollywood Hero (2009)


Year Filmed:2009
Director:Bill Bennett
Writers:Benjamin Brand, Laurie Parres

Clip with Keanu cameo
Keanu Outtake
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Chris KattanChris Kattan
Ali FazalMonty Kapoor
Neha DhupiaLalima Lakhani
Pooja KumarPriya Kapoor
Ruma SenguptaBeeji
Kip KingKip King
Firdosh MewawalaBhushan Khanna
Julian SandsReg Hunt
Mahabanoo Mody-KotwalNeerja Lakhani
Keanu ReevesHimself


From IMDb: "Kattan is tired of being rejected as leading-man material in Hollywood. He burns his professional bridges in L.A. and ventures to India in search of a starring role in a Bollywood film. While in India, he encounters cultural differences and the realization that making it big in Bollywood is not a sure thing."


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