Man of Tai Chi (2013)

Director:Keanu Reeves
Writers:Michael G. Cooney
Runtime:105 min
Articles:Focus: 'Man of Tai Chi'
Tagged 'Man of Tai Chi'
Tiger Hu ChenChen Lin-Hu
Keanu ReevesDonaka Mark
Karen MokSun Jingshi
Simon YamWong
Michael ChanPolice Officer #1
Qing YeQingsha
Yu HaiYang
Sam LeeTak Ming
Iko UwaisGilang Sanjaya


In Beijing, a young martial artist's skill places him in position to experience opportunities and sacrifices.

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JinxMOTC (2016-01-18 17:48:25)

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I love it because it brings style to the kungfu movie, like the old school one I used to watch where you have crane style or drunken style, grashopper style. Not a generic kung fu style. Even though it is partly western production, with western writer, western director, western cinematopgrapher but it shows respect to Kungfu movie genre. It is a very well thought movie and straight forward i think. It's called Man of Taichi and the taichi theme appear throughout the movie. The black evil donaka vs the white good master, the yin and the yang, hard and soft. Donaka who is the evil lord but eerily soft spoken and the master who is tough and disciplined. And then there's Chen Hu in between having to find the balance... Very cool movie, awesome job..

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