John Wick 3: Parabellum (2019)

Year Filmed:2018
Director:Chad Stahelski
Writers:Derek Kolstad
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He's back. Again.

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An Honest Review From am Honest Fan (2020-05-01 21:00:04)

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WOOT WOOT John Wick is back again, again peoples.

As an Action movie fan, a John Wick fan, and a Keanu Reeves fan, I am always happy to jot down a review. Now most of us (if not all) are in quarantine, I have nothing but time on my hands.

John Wick 3 is a continuation of the day in the life of the title character. If you love action sequences with increasing circumstances, this is for you.
I dig this movie

There's more editing of the fights in this one. More than the first John Wick. The continuous shot during the fight scenes then was what I loved about the first movie. This one therefore, seems different.

John Wick's world was always bigger than just him, but in the past it was a back drop. Now we are being submerged into all of it. Everyone has a promise, an oath, a deal, a plan, and a reason. This makes the plot kinda...webbed. Is there anyone in New York who IS NOT a part of this secret world of assassins?

Particularly the fight between big baddie samurai Mark Dacascos verses Keanu Reeves, left a flat note to me. The movie did a great job at building up to their inevitable face off. The fight was fine. The glass room was visually interesting, and disorienting. Though it was okay, it didn't live up to the build that they created. Also, Reeves, Dacascos are real life bad A's, I don't think they got to the level in their fight that I've seen both performers do in previous roles.

I will say this perhaps unpopular opinion. The John Wick creators may have backed themselves in a corner regarding action sequences. What famous face will that let pop in next? Will it be another "Expendables"? After a horse fight, motorcycles, and glass on glass rooms...where can they go?

Will Wick fight on a moving bus driven by Sandra Bullock to nod to "Speed"? Will there be a room full of Bruce Lee look-a-likes for Wick to cut through?
There's nothing left for them to do in my imagination.

I will be glad to see the great creators involved with this beloved franchise proof me wrong.

All in all 7.5/10

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