His was an act of defiance. Theirs was an act of vengeance.

Act of Vengeance (1986)


Year Filmed:1985
Director:John Mackenzie
Writers:Trevor Armbrister (book)
Scott Spencer (writer)
Runtime:95 min
Articles:Tagged 'Act of Vengeance'
Charles BronsonJoseph 'Jock' Yablonski
Ellen BurstynMargaret Yablonski
Wilford BrimleyTony Boyle
Hoyt AxtonSilous Huddleston
Robert SchenkkanPaul Gilly
Ellen BarkinAnnette Gilly
Maury ChaykinClaude Vealey
Caroline KavaCharlotte Yablonski
Peg MurrayEllen Rogers
William NewmanEzra Morgan
Alan NorthAlbert Pass
Raynor ScheineTerrance Madden
Keanu ReevesBuddy Martin


Based on the true story of the events surrounding the United Mine Workers' presidential elections in 1959. There was corruption and stuff; people got killed, other people got angry, and some dude named Jock Yablonski got targeted to be killed. Keanu played one of those assassins, and I still suck at writing summaries.

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