Babes in Toyland (1986)

Year Filmed:1986
Director:Clive Donner
Writers:Glen MacDonough & Victor Herbert (operetta)
Paul Zindel (story and screenplay)
Runtime:140 min (UK video version 91 min)

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Drew BarrymoreLisa Piper
Richard MulliganBarnie / Barnaby Barnicle
Eileen BrennanMrs. Piper / Widow Hubbard
Keanu ReevesJack Fenton / Jack-be-Nimble
Jill SchoelenMary / Mary Contrary
Googy GressGeorge / Georgie Porgie
Pat MoritaThe Toymaster
Walter BuschhoffJustice Grimm


One Christmas during a car accident, a young girl named Lisa is magically transplanted into Toyland - a magical land full of animated toys and characters from nursery rhymes, some of whom bear a striking resemblance to people she knows in real life. She arrives in time to help stop a forced wedding between Mary Contrary and the stereotypically evil Barnaby Barnacle, and joins the rest of Toyland to help thwart the latter's evil plan of Toyland-domination. (This film also has the best car chase ever committed to celluloid. People in bumper cars driving in circles and screaming = awesomeness.)

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