In this town if you deal or steal, you die... That's a promise from the Brotherhood.

Brotherhood of Justice, The (1986)

Year Filmed:1986
Director:Charles Braverman
Writers:Noah Jubelirer & Jeffrey Bloom (teleplay)
Noah Jubelirer (story)
Runtime:97 min
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Keanu ReevesDerek
Kiefer SutherlandVictor
Lori LoughlinChristie
Joe SpanoPrincipal Bob Grootemat
Darren DaltonScottie
Evan MirandMule
Don Michael PaulCollin
Gary RileyBarnwell
Billy ZaneLes
Danny NucciWillie
Danny De La PazCarlos
Jim HaynieSheriff


In a bid to do something about school violence and law-breaking, a group of students band together as an underground vigilante group called 'The Brotherhood of Justice'. But soon the Brotherhood starts to go too far and things get out of hand...

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