Dream to Believe (1986)


Alternate Title(s):"Flying" / "Teenage Dream"
Year Filmed:1984
Director:Paul Lynch
Writers:John Sheppard
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Olivia d'AboRobin Crew
Rita TushinghamJean Stoller
Keanu ReevesTommy Wernicke
Jessica SteenCarly Simmons
Renee MurphyLeah Kilbourne
Sean McCannJack Crew
Samantha LangevinMarge Crew
Nicole LoganDillian Crew
Samantha LoganStacy
Anthony KramreitherMark Sanderson
Denis SimpsonFred Stoner
Eugene ClarkRoy Teler
Louis TucciLeo


The story revolves around a teenage girl named Robin, an aspiring gymnast who finds herself unable to participate in tournaments after an accident leaves her with a badly injured leg. Her dream still strong, she nonetheless strives on dilligently, practising alongside a good friend and slowly building her strength and ability in time for the national scholastic meet. Keanu plays the eccentric Tommy whom Robin eventually leaves her boyfriend for, and spends most of the film being weird.

(Speaking of weird, there are the posters for this film. D'you know that not a single one has a shot of Keanu as he was in the film? Except maybe this main one; I can't really tell. The rest are all stock photos from other films or other places. It's very strange and slightly disturbing.)

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