Under the Influence (1986)


Alternate Title(s):Adult Children of Alcoholics
Year Filmed:1985
Director:Thomas Carter
Writers:Joyce Burditt
Runtime:120 min
Articles:Tagged 'Under the Influence'
Andy GriffithNoah Talbot
Season HubleyAnn Talbot Simpson
Paul ProvenzaStephen Talbot
Keanu ReevesEddie Talbot
Dana AndersenTerri Talbot
Kario SalemJohn Simpson
William SchallertCade
Richard LawsonDr. Duran
Paddi EdwardsEve
Joyce Van PattenHelen Talbot
Eve SmithMrs. Clark
Susan RuttanMs. Morgan
Janet RotblattMiss Seaver


The story of an alcoholic and how his addiction affects the rest of his family, a dysfunctional bunch with problems of their own.


so real (2017-12-04 16:42:00)

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Since I started my quest to see as many of Keanu's movies as possible I could as well say something :)

The portrayal of an alcoholic's family in this movie is so real! A variety of coping mechanisms of different family members are shown. And as I know some people who lived through a similar experience of living with an alcoholic I can say these are actually pretty real ways people behave in a situation like this. The film has a lot to say even today when alcoholism is considered a problem beyond the moral weakness.

As for Keanu, I think he comes across as a very believable character, especially when the father dies and he does not know what to do or at the very end. Brilliant!

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