Some wishes do come true.

Young Again (1986)

Alternate Title(s):"I Wish I Were Eighteen Again"
Year Filmed:1985
Director:Steven Hilliard Stern
Writers:Barbara Hall (writer)
David Simon (story)
Runtime:120 min
Articles:Tagged 'Young Again'
Robert UrichMichael Riley, Age 40
Lindsay WagnerLaura Gordon
Keanu ReevesMichael Riley, Age 17 (as K.C. Reeves)
Jessica SteenTracy Gordon
Jack GilfordThe Angel
Jason NicoloffPeter Gordon
Jeremy RatchfordTed


40-year-old Michael Riley angsts about being old and wishes that he were a kid again. On a bus ride home, an angel hears his gripe and decides to grant his wish, de-aging Mike into a 17 year old version of himself. Mike is esctatic. He goes around having fun, re-enrolls in high school, gets a girlfriend, and then falls in love with his girlfriend's mother. Sadly for him, she is not a pedophile, and so Mike has to come to terms with reality and make his choice between youth and love.

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