Trying Times (1987)

Alternate Title(s):Lies From Lotus Land
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Candice BergenBarbara
Ted StidderFred
Ketty LesterMildred
Bruno GerussiHarry
Keanu ReevesJoey
Laura WhiteJennifer
Jackson DaviesCharlie
Alex BruhanskiBruno
Janne Mortil-


Season 1, Episode 6: "Moving Day". Aired 22 November 1987.

Summary from IMDb: Barbara calmly narrates the travails of moving out of her beloved home in a deadpan, completely-resigned-to-her-fate delivery as she reflects upon the day's disasters: an asthmatic mover (Bruno Gerussi) who assures her that her piano will be safely hoisted down from the second floor; Bruno's ballet-dancer son (Keanu Reeves, in an early role) who is smitten with Barbara's free-spirited daughter; and her alarmingly serene father (Ted Stidder), who just may be sinking into senility.


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