Lust. Seduction. Revenge. The Game As You've Never Seen It Played Before.

Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

Year Filmed:1988 (finished September 1988)
Director:Stephen Frears
Writers:Christopher Hampton (play & screenplay)
Choderlos de Laclos (novel)
Runtime:119 min
Articles:Focus: 'Dangerous Liaisons'
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Glenn CloseMarquise Isabelle de Merteuil
John MalkovichVicomte Sébastien de Valmont
Michelle PfeifferMadame de Tourvel
Swoosie KurtzMadame de Volanges
Keanu ReevesLe Chevalier Raphael Danceny
Mildred NatwickMadame de Rosemonde
Uma ThurmanCécile de Volanges
Peter CapaldiAzolan
Joe SheridanGeorges
Valerie GoganJulie
Laura BensonEmilie
Joanna PavlisAdèle
Nicholas HawtreyMajor-domo
François LalandeCuré


Set in France around 1760-1770. The IMDb summary: "Marquise de Merteuil needs a favour from her ex-lover, Vicomte de Valmont. One Marquise de Merteuil's ex-lover, Gercourt, is planning on marrying a young, virtuos, woman called Cecile de Volanges. The Marquise would like Valmont to seduce Cecile before her wedding day. Meanwhile Valmont has a conquest of his own in mind, Madame de Tourvel, a beautiful, married, and God fearing woman. The Marquise doesn't think that Valmont can do it, she tells him that if he can provide written proof of a sexual encounter with Madame de Tourvel, that she will offer him a reward, one last night with her. But Valmont will find himself falling in love with Mrs. de Tourvel, embrasing the deadly jealousy of the marquise de Merteuil."

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I watched it a long, long time ago. Perhaps, this is the film that made me started being curious for Keanu Reeves phenomenon. This film stole my attention for the full two hours, even when I was terribly drowsy that night. No matter what critics say in later years, I am personally impressed by the Dangerous Liaisons. It was the first time in my life that something can be so amusing, luscious, rich, elaborate, and full of moral messages at the same time. Innocent characters being put at stake for mere fun of powerful men and women; but by the end, the one who cries is the one who started the entire joke.

"Things are not always what they seem," I think to be a connecting theme in many of Keanu's films.

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