High school. Senior year. His suicide shattered their world. Their courage drove them to pick up the pieces.
Everyone thought David had it all...until the day David ended it all.

Permanent Record (1988)


Year Filmed:1987 (May-September)
Director:Marisa Silver
Writers:Jarre Fees, Larry Ketron & Alice Liddle
Runtime:91 min (West Germany video 88 min)
Articles:Focus: 'Permanent Record'
Tagged 'Permanent Record'
Alan BoyceDavid Sinclair
Keanu ReevesChris Townsend
Jennifer RubinLauren
Michael ElgartJake
Pamela GidleyKim
Michelle MeyrinkM. G.
Richard BradfordLeo Verdell


A successful and popular high school student, David, suddenly commits suicide one day; leaving his friends, especially his best friend Chris, to deal with the aftermath and carry on with their lives the best they can.

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