Once... they made history. Now... they are history.
Whoa dude! Pressed hams!"
It's a trip.
Bill & Ted party on!

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)


Year Filmed:1991
Director:Peter Hewitt
Writers:Chris Matheson & Ed Solomon
Articles:Focus: 'Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey'
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Keanu ReevesTed Logan / Evil Ted
Alex WinterBill S. Preston, Esq. / Granny Preston / Evil Robot Bill
William SadlerGrim Reaper / English Family Member
Joss AcklandChuck De Nomolos
Pam GrierMs. Wardroe
George CarlinRufus
Amy Stock-PoyntonMissy Logan
Jim MartinSir James Martin
Hal Landon Jr.Captain Logan
Annette AzcuyElizabeth
Sarah TriggerJoanna
Chelcie RossColonel Oats


Far away in the future, a most heinous dude named Chuck DeNomolos is for some reason unhappy with the totally excellent world that has spawned from the triumphant music and philosophy of Bill and Ted. To rectify this, he sends two evil robot versions of Bill and Ted back in time to kill the real ones, take their place, and totally ruin their lives. So Bill and Ted get slaughtered by the evil robots and end up in Hell, where they end up battling the Grim Reaper at games such as Battleship and Twister to win their way back to life. They enlist the help of two most intelligent Martian scientists and return to Earth, get the Martians to construct good robot versions of Bill and Ted, and together they fight crime defeat the evil robots and win the Battle of the Bands competition. Station.

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The two are back again in this second installment of Bill and Ted's [Insert some type of very crazy voyage here].

Wacky things happen as in the first movie, but some how they don't get old or over done. Honestly, I think if there were any other pairing, the movie would have gotten stale with the first one. Here they are scheduled for a 3rd one.

I say to them, keep it up. I say to you, give a watch. lol

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