A thinking man's stupid comedy.
The Brady Bunch they're not!
Come do the freeky thing this week.
The story of a screwball who took a bunch of ordinary people and made something out of them.
Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder.
Butt ugly. But funny.

Freaked (1993)


Alternate Title(s):"Freakz" / "Freak Show" / "Hideous Mutant Freakz / Very Special People"
Year Filmed:1992
Director:Tom Stern & Alex Winter
Writers:Tim Burns, Tom Stern & Alex Winter
Runtime:86 min (USA 80 min)
Articles:Focus: 'Freaked'
Tagged 'Freaked'
Alex WinterRicky Coogan
Randy QuaidElijah C. Skuggs
Michael StoyanovErnie
Megan WardJulie
William SadlerDick Brian
Alex ZuckermanStuey Gluck
Derek McGrathWorm
Jeff KahnNosey
John HawkesCowboy
Mr. TThe Bearded Lady
Karyn MalchusSockhead
Lee ArenbergThe Eternal Flame
Patti TippoRosie the Pinhead
Tim BurnsFrogman
Keanu ReevesOrtiz the Dog Boy (uncredited)
Jaime CardricheToad
Brooke ShieldsSkye Daley
Ray BakerBill Blazer
Joe BakerProf. Nigel Crump
David BoweEES Assistant
Chuck BulotFBI Chief


Mad scientist goes around doing science experiments on people. They turn into weird mutated freaks. Hilarity ensues.

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