The danger is all in his head
The future's most wanted fugitive.
The Ultimate Hard Drive
The hottest data on earth. In the coolest head in town.
A pulse-pouding cyber-slam

Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

Year Filmed:1994
Director:Robert Longo
Writers:William Gibson
Runtime:107 min (Japan), 96 min (USA)
Script:Original Screenplay
Articles:Focus: 'Johnny Mnemonic'
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Keanu ReevesJohnny Mnemonic
Dina MeyerJane
Takeshi KitanoTakahashi (as Takeshi)
Dennis AkayamaShinji
Dolph LundgrenStreet Preacher
Henry RollinsSpider
Barbara SukowaAnna Kalmann
Udo KierRalfi
Tracy TweedPretty


Based on the William Gibson short story of the same title. In the future, information can be stored and transporterd via the use of human couriers. While the human population is in the grip of a disease known as NAS, its cure is implanted in a memory chip stored in the brain of courier Johnny Mnemonic. People try to get it. Chaos ensues. Meanwhile, the overly-large file threatens to make Johnny's head blow up; so he has to deliver the message within 24 hours or die.

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No Maps For These Territories by William Gibson on DVD.

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