Reaction Time 8-4-96

Chain Reaction (1996)

Year Filmed:1996
Director:Andrew Davis
Writers:Arne Schmidt, Rick Seaman & Josh Friedman (story)
J.F. Lawton & Michael Bortman (screenplay)
Runtime:107 min
Script:'Dead Drop' Draft
Articles:Focus: 'Chain Reaction'
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Keanu ReevesEddie Kasalivich
Morgan FreemanPaul Shannon
Rachel WeiszDr. Lily Sinclair
Fred WardFBI Agent Leon Ford
Kevin DunnFBI Agent Doyle
Brian CoxLyman Earl Collier
Joanna CassidyMaggie McDermott
Chelcie RossEd Rafferty
Nicholas RudallDr. Alistair Barkley
Tzi MaLu Chen
Krzysztof PieczynskiLucasz Screbneski
Julie R. PearlEmily Pearl


A group of scientists at the University of Chicago come up with a way to use water as a high source of energy. When the lab is blown up, people killed and the technology stolen, student Eddie Kasalivich and physicist Lily Sinclair find themselves framed for the crime and have to run for their lives as they attempt to clear their names and recover the stolen technology.

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