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secretkeeper81Not as bad as I was expecting (2022-04-23 13:37:07)

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I had read terrible things about this movie, even from fans of Keanu, so I was expecting the worst but in the end it wasn't that bad. Don't get me wrong, it's not really my cup of tea, but I thought it was well done for that kind of movie, and it wasn't too gross even for the scenes where violence is clearly taking place.
I liked the set, the house and the way it's decorated with all the pictures of the 'perfect' family. Keanu looks pretty hot and I like the style of clothes he's wearing, too. His famous 'free pizza rant' is really good!
All in all the plot is pretty simple, but I guess the meaning of this movie is that many families may look perfect from the outside, when actually some scary and pervert thoughts are just left repressed, and if properly lured (like the husband that Keanu plays) then people might ruin everything for a simple weakness. While I agree this might definitely be true in many situations, I do not believe that every family's happiness is necessarily fake or that every single man in the world would surely succumb to temptation... You may say I'm a dreamer :-) but I like to believe there still are some decent people in this rotten world!
silverUgh (2017-03-16 12:39:34)

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This a rare thing, that I liked Keanu's acting, but hated the movie. This one is to watch once, and pretty much keep moving after that. I ended up not really caring about any character, and some of the humor was too heavy (almost saying "hey get it. huh huh? huh?").
LucaMtotally understand why he took the role (2017-01-15 00:22:20)

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the vulnerability.the rawness. the free pizza rant. a complete opposite of his 'action movie' roles. It's a role for an actor, not a movie star. And his performance is beautiful to watch.

Roth and Lopez wanted to push the joke too far, but in the end the joke's on them.

"Like" ;)

perelanndraDon't understand why he took the role (2017-01-05 17:44:47)

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Keanu's a great actor don't get me wrong, in fact he is my all time favorite actor but the movie's truly a disaster except for the fact keanu's in it (lol). The acting's terrible, the dialog is horrible it's just that I can go on and on about how poorly this movie was made and if I could ask Keanu just one question about this movie it would be "what in the world made him accept this role???". 2.5/10