On Keanu Being a Nice Person

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He's a kind, beautiful person. There are so many beautiful people in this world, and that's not what gets me. That's a dime a dozen and it gets old. Then you meet somebody who happens to be blessed that way and is one of the kindest, most respectable people that'll you'll ever meet and that's Keanu.

Sandra Bullock (costar, Speed and The Lake House), "The Next Action Hero?" – Empire (UK) – Oct 1994

He's just about the sweetest guy you'll ever meet in Hollywood. He's the most polite person I've ever met in my entire life. Everything is 'please' and 'thank you' to everyone on the set, and I thought that was pretty impressive.

Charlize Theron (costar, Sweet November and The Devil's Advocate

My brother is my prince. He listens to every word, to every comma after every word, that you are saying.

Kim Reeves (Keanu's sister), "Much Ado About Keanu" – People (US) – 5th Jun 1995

No matter what the disagreement, he'd go the distance to make sure that what he was doing was truthful. He doesn't take the easy way out. He makes courageous choices.

Howard Deutch (director, The Replacements), "Keanu Reeves: All the right moves" – USA weekend (US) – 5th Aug 2000

He's the archetypal troubled young American, like your younger brother or someone you should be helping out. He doesn't invite it, but if you're older you feel like you should protect him.

John Malkovich (costar, Dangerous Liaisons), "A Most Excellent Enigma" – People (US) – 11th July 1994

I met Keanu through my ex-girlfriend Martha [Plimpton] while they were doing 'Parenthood' – they were sucking face regularly. My brother Leaf was also in it, so Leaf and Martha were his buddies before I even became a friend of his. I liked the guy and wanted to work with him. He's like my older brother, but shorter...

River Phoenix (costar, My Own Private Idaho and I Love You to Death, not making sense because Keanu is in actuality taller than his older brother), "Keanu Reeves: An Excellent Adventure" by Brian J. Robb

He helped me through. When the pain got bad, he used to hold my hand and keep the bad man from making me dance. He was there all the time, even when he was away.

Kim Reeves, "The Wild One. Keanu Reeves on Sex, Hollywood and Life on the Run." – Vanity Fair (US) – Aug 1995

I have one image of him sitting on the side of the street. His motorcycle had broken down, and we pulled over to say, “Hey, Keanu, can we give you a ride?” He was not upset or anything, just truly good natured, completely self sufficient.

Ione Skye (costar, River's Edge), "Finding Neo" – Premiere (US) – Feb 2005

You know, Keanu's an incredibly funny guy, and he doesn't think he is. The first thing he ever said to me was "I don't have a sense of humour." Progressively, I think we discovered it. He was courteous and kind and void of any ego. He's like a cat.

Sandra Bullock

Keanu Reeves – what a doll. Here's this guy, who's like a god to so many people, who's such a well-raised, respectful gentleman

Diane Keaton (costar, Something's Gotta Give) – Something's Gotta Give official website – Nov 2003

I'm going to have to say Keanu Reeves as a goaltender, because he's a pretty good goalie, one of the best goalies I've ever seen. He's stacking the pads, riding across, giving you the corner and then taking it away with the glove hand. He's really quick and really good.

Cuba Gooding, Jr., when asked who is the best Hollywood hockey player – Denver Post – 19 Oct 2003

He's a strange cat, but he's a cool guy. He's in his head a lot. He comes on and he goes off,and you just try to get in front of him and be a target and then try to duck out of the way. He is a very sweet guy with a heart of gold!

Cameron Diaz (costar, Feeling Minnesota), “Yearning For Keanu” – Premiere (USA) – Mar 1996

He has this incredible shyness or embarrassment, then he explodes in laughter. The Tibetan lamas are like that, and you have no idea what they are laughing about.

- Bernardo Bertolucci, "The Next Action Hero?" – Entertainment Weekly (USA) – 10th Jun 1994

The thing I like best about Keanu is that I've never seen him or heard of him compromising what he thinks. Someone could come up with the most asinine comment and he's like, 'If that's what you want to think, then that's OK for you.' It's on a level of such understanding of himself that it makes me envious.

Sandra Bullock, “Agreeing to disagree” – Daily Bulletin (US) – 11th Jun 2006

He’s not dangerous to men or women. He’s attractive to both. I think that is the key thing.

Jan De Bont (director, Speed), "Finding Neo – Premiere (US) – Feb 2005

Keanu has an aloof quality, a far-away quality. You can't quite get close to him, he is somehow unattainable. That makes him very, very attractive. Yet, he seems to display all the qualities one would want: a very sexy, erotic physical being. One sees in his work that he can sometimes be very gentle, he can sometimes be very fierce, he can sometimes be very funny, and yet, he's got something at the back of the eyes that says, 'No, I won't be committing here'. He'll always be on the bus heading off. And I think there is something tremendously attractive to men and women about that combination of the utterly desirable and the definitely unattainable.

Kenneth Branagh (director and costar, Much Ado About Nothing), "Not just a sex god – The Age (Aus) – 9th Sep 1993

He never, with words or anything else, said ‘I’m special or different’ and never asked for anything special.

Mike Mills (director, Thumbsucker), “The Incredible Zen of Keanu” – Orlando Sentinel (US) – 1st Oct 2005

What I like about Keanu is the sense of shyness about him. You'd expect more of a cocky, suave [guy] since he's such a sex symbol. But he was very simple. I tend to wing every shoot, and I found him just sitting there a thousand times more interesting.

Robert Maxwell (photographer)

I can't explain how nice and mellow he is. It's just as weird for him, and he's famous, so it's probably weirder. It's really an out-of-body experience

Lauren Graham (costar, Sweet November)

On my set he always recited Shakespeare. All of the sudden, he’s seen walking along the freeway, reciting whole sections of the different plays—and I mean loud, really as if an audience were there.

Jan De Bont, "Finding Neo – Premiere (US) – Feb 2005

When Neo is in the first Matrix being shot at, and the bullets are coming towards him, he puts his hand up and he has this look in his eye that is so Keanu, like, 'No more.' If there is something happening in the world that isn’t right, you can see that it hurts his heart. Even a simple injustice of someone not being treated right. You know I can understand why he has played the kind of roles that he’s played.

Carrie-Anne Moss (costar, Matrix trilogy), "Finding Neo – Premiere (US) – Feb 2005

Keanu has a lot of knowledge about Eastern medicine, he is a very calm person. He respects every person and doesn't want to waste any time. I really like him.

Longie Nguyen (cast sports masseru, Matrix trilogy), "Longie Nguyen" (Off-site link)

Working with Keanu is like working with one of my electricians or the grip or anybody. The worst thing you could do was pay too much attention to him.

Mike Mills (director, Thumbsucker), "The incredible Zen of Keanu" – Orlando Sentinel (US) – 1st Oct 2005

I love Keanu. He is an original.

Anthony Quinn (costar, A Walk in the Clouds)

He is one of the kindest, most respectful people that you'll ever meet. People go crazy over him, and they have every reason to, because he's good looking on the inside too.

Sandra Bullock, "The Next Action Hero? – Empire (UK) – Oct 1994

He is definitely a very simple man, and maybe a little misunderstood. He's just reclusive and very private.

Djimon Hounsou (costar, Constantine)

I love Keanu, I adore him and he is such a great guy and a great human being. He’s special. It’s hard to explain someone, especially someone like him because he is beyond words. He is such an interesting and lovely person. He is kind beyond kind, generous beyond generous. He really supported me to play her; he really was my partner in this dance, in this movie, and our friendship developed over the course of these years and it really moves me.

Carrie-Anne Moss (costar, Matrix trilogy), "(Title Unknown)"

He's like a really sweet, kind person, and I wouldn't say that about many people in this town. He has his own group of friends, and he's not a scenester. He's a cool guy. He keeps his distance from all the bullshit. He's smart, too.

Sophia Coppola Big Keanu – W-Magazine (US), Jul 1994

I believe he's gone through harder times than he's willing to admit. Sometimes there's a sadness in his eyes that makes you want to go, "What is it?" But he keeps to himself, and that makes you want to know even more about him. Before I met him I was expecting him to be some kind of stud muffin, but he's the sweetest, most sensitive guy.

Sandra Bullock, "Away with the fairies?" – Real (UK), Apr 2001 (quote source 1994-5)

He never gives too much or too little. He is very precise. Oh, and he’s very funny.

Uma Thurman, "Reeves' Edge" – t&b (US) – 1st Jan 1989

[In the film he's a] truly malevolent, sexy, passionate, an obsessively evil creature. In leather trousers. Pretty tight – I'd pay money to see Keanu Reeves in leather trousers and I think a lot of other people would as well

Kenneth Branagh being creepy, "Not just a sex god – The Age (Aus) – 9th Sep 1993

There’s something just a little quirky about him. I think that’s what makes him interesting. He is a very enigmatic. Actually, he’s very unknowable.

Rachel Weisz, "His Dark Materials" – TIME Magazine (UK) – 12th Mar 2005

I quite love Keanu. He's a very magical boy. He was a very earnest and really a lovely person. Everyone in the cast really loved Keanu. He's a moody, strange kid, but a beautiful kid.

Francis Ford Coppola (director, Bram Stoker's Dracula), "Coppola Finds Keanu Reeves a Strange but Beautiful Kid" – The Charlotte Observer (US) – 10th Dec 1992

I've never heard him ever say anything bad about anyone, and I've never heard him gossip about anything or anyone. Keanu just sees the good in other people.

Carrie-Anne Moss

There’s a beautiful innocence about him, a direct line or empathy that the audience picks up. He feels things deeply and conveys them without saying anything or even displaying them in his face. I think when he looks in the mirror he doesn’t see a leading man or even a good-looking guy. At different times, he may see a hobo or a guy in an alley, shuffling through life with no food in the refrigerator.

Richard Linklater (director, A Scanner Darkly), "Keanu Reeves" – Playboy (US) – Apr 2006

It was obvious, Keanu was the only actor who had the innocence I was looking for, in addition to being a very charismatic, handsome, and devoted actor. To my mind, this was a role in the tradition of Gary Cooper and Henry Fonda. He has an understated quality that's natural to him.

Alfonso Arau (director, A Walk in the Clouds), "Keanu Reeves takes 'A Walk in the Clouds'" – BPI Entertainment News Wire (US) – 12th Aug 1995

The thing I think most people don't know about Keanu, the thing I admire most about Keanu is he is so incredibly honest.

Sandra Bullock

He's sensitive. He knows when to speak to you and when not to speak to you. And he makes it clear when he wants to be spoken to and when not to be spoken to. And that doesn't have anything to do with being mean. He's a very internal person. He's a quiet person. He doesn't like a lot of riff-raff around him.

Jada Pinkett Smith (costar, Matrix sequels)

While shooting the [Matrix] films in Australia he amazed the team of stuntmen by giving them each a £6,000 Harley Davidson motorcycle. And the actor, whose sister has leukaemia, has also channelled millions into cancer research.

Newspaper article dated 28th March 2003, first part cut out after that bit was proved false

I think the thing I appreciate most about Keanu is the thing that existed when I first worked with him, the same thing that's existed through all the years I've known him and the thing that exists even more so now twelve years later. He will fight for the best in the moment and the most truthful moment. He's the least judgemental person I've met and the most accommodating and tolerant person I've ever met. ...it's rare to find someone whose ability to rise about the situation is constant. I find that in him and I truly admire that about him. It's a quality I hope to be around for years to come and to be a part of.

Sandra Bullock, in an exclusive interview by Joe Utichi – FilmFocus (UK) – 29th Jun 2006

He's such a private person – very intelligent, very private – that sometimes he becomes almost inarticulate. He has no bullshit about him. If that's Zen-like, I don't know. He has a calm exterior and a turbulent interior. He's learned through his own experience, and his own sense of what he's about, to curb and channel his energies in the direction of the performance. He's quiet. Sometimes playful. More often, intense. ... He's more of a loner than anything else. But he's not a loner in that sort of up-your-arse sort of way.... There's an anger and there's a pain in Keanu, as there is in many actors. And his life has been complicated. However enigmatic he is about it, the fact is that his own history is present in his own body and his own emotions.

Pat O'Connor (director, Sweet November), "Zen and the Art of Keanu Reeves" – Vanity Fair (US) – Feb 2001

I've known him because of his stepfather [director Paul Aaron] since he was thirteen. On the one hand, he was a seemingly unfocused wild kid, but with a tremendous sincerity about him, an unbelievable innocence. What didn't become clear to me until later was that he had pretty significant artistic ambitions for himself, which he didn't really talk about. But you know, when somebody moves to Los Angeles to be an actor, you don't just do that blithely.

Erwin Stoff (manager), "Finding Neo – Premiere (US) – Feb 2005

To me there's two sides to Keanu, There's probably a million sides to Keanu! There's a side to him that you feel like he's an incredibly brought up young man and enormous fun to be with. There's another side to him that completely blocks everything and everyone out. He's very determined and single-minded. There are days when he is one of these characters and other days when he's another, so you kind of learn which one of those people he is on a particular day and either leave him alone or approach him.

Hugo Weaving (costar, Matrix trilogy) – Film Review (US) – Feb 2000

Of course, he's not a flake at all. You can't be a flake and be Keanu.

Diane Keaton, "The Man Who Would Be Keanu" – Entertainment Weekly (US) – 7th Nov 2003

He had an enormous, excessive energy level; he was like the prototype for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I'm sure he must have been really coming off the walls when he was a little kid, although by that time he was pretty focused. He was funny and full of life. And there was a kind of sweet innocence about him. He wanted desperately to be liked or loved.

Steven H. Stern (director, Young Again), "Keanu" by Sheila Johnston

What always struck me about him was how polite he was. He was a teenager, his hair was wild and his jeans were ripped and he looked like all these other kids. But he was unbelievably polite and widely read. So many of the early roles he played were inarticulate teenagers. But he's a voracious reader and can talk about any number of things intelligently. I always liked that disparity between the image and the reality.

- Robert Mark Kamen (screenwriter, A Walk in the Clouds, and family friend who has known Keanu since he was 15)

I certainly think he's taken more than his share of unfair criticism. One of the qualities that makes him infinitely lovable is he can take those kinds of hits and keep moving. That's hard stuff to take, but he takes it and he manages somehow to remain compassionate about people.

- Laurence Fishburne (costar, Matrix trilogy), "Pondering the mysterious Keanu Reeves" – Associated Press (US) – 5th Nov 2003

I was expecting this stud-muffin who was wild... but the Little Keester sits back and listens to everything. I think there's a lot of pain. I would see him go off by himself, and there's a hint of sadness in his eyes that makes you want to go, 'What is it?'... But he keeps it to himself, and that makes you want to know even more about him.

- Sandra Bullock, "The Next Action Hero?" – Entertainment Weekly (US) – 10th Jun 1994

He's always been very serious about his work, and he's always been very distant.... He has some inner turmoil that he deals with. I don't know what that is, and I haven't questioned him, (but) certainly he's got something there. Keanu is always very charming. But I think he would be more content if he could get away from people.

- Dennis Hopper (costar, Speed and River's Edge), "The Next Action Hero?" – Entertainment Weekly (US) – 10th Jun 1994

It's really rare to find such a genuine level of out-of-it-ness. The non-conventionalness of his attitude to the world is very disengaged, in a genial sort of way.

Keanu's colleague, who wished to remain anonymous

When you stand up to Keanu, you almost feel like he might knock you out. He's an intense dude -- not just as an actor, but in life. He's very uncompromising. You know on this movie you're with comedians and rappers, so it's easy to start telling jokes and pretending you're a comedian, too. But Keanu is who he is. I don't think a lot of people can say that about themselves. He's just Keanu. And it's infectious. It's an attractive quality to be yourself all the time.

Chris Evans (costar, Street Kings), "Keanu Reeves on 'Street Kings'" – Sun Media (Ca) – 6th April 2008

He’s a really empathetic guy and there’s something really likeable about him. He was playing a cynical and unsympathetic character but he brought humanity to a very sort of unlikable guy.”

David Ayer (director, Street Kings), "Keanu is a man of a few soft-spoken words" – MSNBC (US) – 9th Apr 2008

It's fun spending time with Keanu Reeves. He's witty, he's sweet, he's genuinely curious and curiously genuine. He finds it difficult, even tremor-inducing, to be as guarded as something in him tells him he ought to be. Unlike the vast majority of stars, who – often brilliantly – act the interviewee, what Keanu gives you is, to a great extent, Keanu.”

James Kaplan (journalist), "Why Keanu Reeves Won't Sell His Soul" – Premiere (US) – Sep 1997

One identifying feature that makes Keanu unique is that he does not seem to have an ability to be false. He can't just chit-chat or make small talk, or hide what he's really feeling.

Lewis Baumander (director, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet), "Curtain Call" – Toronto Sun (Ca) – 4th Dec 1994

I adore the guy. I adore where he comes from, and that is a place where honesty and decency mean everything. When I met him, I thought at first that I was driving him crazy because I tend to talk nonstop, and he rarely talks until he's thought things out. I figured he thought I was a flake, but when he spoke, he spoke to me honestly. I felt a real kinship with him, and I feel sorry that he's had to put up with these horrible stories in the media. People are asking him things that are none of their business. No decent human being should ask those questions, but I love him because he never lowers himself to their level. I really admire him for that.

Sandra Bullock, "Romantic Notions" – The Orange County Register (US) – 13th Aug 1995

The kid has everything; he's interesting to watch. He works hard, he has a vein of craziness. He is emotionally present, full of understanding -- where he gets all that at his age, is beyond me.

Peter Falk (co-star, Tune in Tomorrow), "Keanu Reeves, the Last Hollywood Rebel" by Tatjana Blobel – MAX (Ge) – Sep 1995

...one of the kindest actors I've ever worked with. He's patient when he's ready to shoot and you're not. He knows how to make you comfortable when you've got an awkward love scene. He makes the crew laugh. He's just there for everyone. It's never about him.

Charlize Theron, "Keanu Reeves Scores Again" by Michael Sauter – Biography (US) – Sep 2000

Keanu's a completely different cat than what people see on film. When I see him in interviews, he always talks reserved, as if he's clawing for his privacy. In person, he tends to be sort of gregarious and kind of funny. His perspective on life, it's not at all what you'd expect from a guy who is a movie star. I found him to be a lot more of a regular guy.

Orlando Jones (costar, The Replacements), "It's called acting" – Film Review (UK) – April 2001

I thought the huge success of the 'Matrix' would have changed him. But no. He's a bit older, a bit wiser, but he has remained the same. He's got his feet on the ground. He's got real friends. And his private life remains private. He's not part of the whole Hollywood circus.

Rachel Weisz, "I don't have a celebrity chart" – Flair (Belgium) – 24th Feb 2005

He's very generous. He's very sensitive. He's very quiet. You know what I mean? But he's also a really intuitive person. You know what I mean? He has this quality about him that he knows when you want to be spoken to, or he knows when you want to be bothered. And he knows when you don't. He gives you your space and he would prefer that you give him his space at the same time, understand when he wants to be spoken to. You know, when he wants that kiss in the morning. You know, there were days I'd come on the set and I'd go, "I think today is the day Kenau might want a kiss." You know, and then I'd come on the set and that day would be a day when you'd wave, you know what I'm saying? It's like he's just the type of person that he's a complicated man, you know what I'm saying? And I relate to that aspect of his personality because it's also an aspect of my personality. So it's something that I really respect and admire about him. He works extremely hard. I don't think there's any other person that I've seen work as hard as that man. And that, to me, was extremely inspiring. You know, and his generosity is, I mean he bought twelve Harleys for his stunt guys.

"He didn't have to do that. He brought in a freaking Harley truck. And he just kept, the Harleys just kept piling out of the truck. You know what I'm saying. He didn't make a big deal about it. Nobody knew what was happening, it wasn't like he made this grand statement about, "Hey, look what I did", you know. Or he had a press release. He did it because he wanted to. Because he was so grateful to have them there, and they worked very hard also. And he's the shit. I love Keanu. I really do. I really, really do. I think he's a really wonderful person.

Jada Pinkett Smith

He doesn't give a toss about fame and has no vanity. He's just an ordinary lad.

Brian Blessed (costar, Much Ado About Nothing)

Nice is a lame word to describe Keanu. He’s generous (though I never got a back rub). Earnest. Kind. Quirky. Committed. Forthright. Boyish. Offbeat. Funny. Diligent. Obsessive-compulsive about the character he is playing. Straightforward and mysterious at the same time.

Vera Farmiga, "'Crime' Time's Prime Time for Vera Farmiga – Part 1" – MovingPicturesNetwork (US) – 28 March 2011

Despite the semi-memorable “Sad Keanu” Internet meme of 2010, he turned out to be a cheerful, witty and articulate presence, apparently delighted to sit and gab about the past and future of cinema as long as I cared to. And even unshaven and shaggy, dressed in a nondescript dark blazer and jeans, the 47-year-old Reeves still has that thing you can’t purchase or quantify: Heads turn, and silence falls, as he walks through the lunchroom, favoring all who are present with that slightly mysterious smile.

Andrew O'Hehir, "Interview: Keanu Reeves on “the end of film”" – Salon (US) – 1 September 2012

He cares about them all, just like the department heads care about their people. Keanu takes the other performers under his wing on the set. Whether he’s in a scene with a cast member or not, whenever someone new arrives, he goes out of his way to make them comfortable. He’ll knock on the person’s door, and say, ‘Hi, I’m Keanu Reeves. Welcome to John Wick. Is there anything I can do for you?’

Chad Stalheski, "John Wick Production Notes" – October 2014

I think what I took away from Keanu on a personal level is just patience and respect for the people you are working with and process. You know, just disciplined. He’s a gentleman.

Mark L. Mann, "Interview: ‘Generation Um…’ Director Mark L. Mann and Star Keanu Reeves Externalize With a Camera" – Jack Giroux – May 5, 2013

You know, people that talk negative about Keanu — he's just a really nice guy. He's not touchy-feely. He's not the guy that's going to be the leader of all the conversations. When we would be having conversations about things, he would stand and listen. He didn't contribute a lot because he was just listening. He's not going to be the guy that's going, "Let's do this, gang!" That's not him. He's a very smart, intelligent, willing-to-learn guy.

Hawthorne James (co-star, Speed), "'Speed' 20th anniversary: Meet the passengers of bus 2525" – Kristopher Tapley – The Huffington Post (US) – June 10, 2014

He doesn't have any flaws. He’s just a really good person and a good human being. On top of that, as far as being professional, his work ethic is insane, his athletic ability and his acting prowess.

David Leitch (director, John Wick), "John Wick star Keanu Reeves is still an excellent adventure at the age of 50" – Peter Howell – The Toronto Star (Ca) – October 23, 2014

He’s a very giving, generous actor, and he just sort of puts you at ease. Definitely very very open and easy to work with. Just a very very nice human being.

Alfie Allen (co-star, John Wick), "Actor Alfie Allen Talks Latest Film ‘John Wick’" (Off-site link) – The Source (US) – October 22, 2014

He’s a very honest and sincere performer. He'll deny this, but a lot of what he brings on camera is actually him. He's hardworking, super ethical, a super loyal human being. A charismatic guy, very, very intelligent when you sit down to have a dinner conversation with him. He’s also got a certain degree of sadness, and an introspective vibe to him and he brings that across. When you watch him you're watching a real guy, you're not watching a guy play a guy.

Chad Stalheski (director, John Wick), "John Wick star Keanu Reeves is still an excellent adventure at the age of 50" – Peter Howell – The Toronto Star (Ca) – October 23, 2014

His personality has just transcended life, in a lot of ways. You wouldn’t have ever guessed that the guy from “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” would turn out to be this thoughtful, kind man.

Peter Atencio (director, Keanu), "How Key and Peele got Keanu Reeves to voice a cat in 'Keanu'" – Amy Kaufman – Los Angeles Times (US) – April 25, 2016

I found him to be incredibly passionate about the film and very protective of the story. He was very concerned with telling the story well and serving the story, which I thought was very generous," she says. "I found him to be incredibly diligent and never really found him in repose. I found him always to be working, striving, thinking, asking questions, and I found him to be very kind to everyone in every job description, but not as a game, not as an advertisement for himself and not as a marketing ploy. I found him to be genuinely compassionate. Yeah, I really like him.

Jennifer Connelly (co-star, The Day the Earth Stood Still), "An Inquiring Mind" (Off-site link) – Patrick Barkham – The Guardian (UK) – December 9, 2008

More than anything, Keanu is a kind soul. He has a spirit and strength of character that is absolutely unique.

David Lee (Squarespace chief creative officer), "Keanu Reeves Puts His Dreams on the Internet" (Off-site link) – Kristina Monllos – AdWeek – January 24, 2018

I’ve been so lucky in my life that I’ve worked with so many great actors," said Ryder. "But there is something very special with Keanu – there is a trust there and a feeling that I’m protected and safe. It’s not like he’s playing safe. He’s constantly surprising me. To know that someone has your back like that – it can be rare.

Winona Ryder, "Winona Ryder Talks Special Bond With ‘Destination Wedding’ Co-Star Keanu Reeves" (Off-site link) – Hollywood Outbreak – August 26, 2018