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Klaatu & Gort's Egregious Expedition
In which Ted Logan writes a script for the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

The Not-Particularly-Excellent Adventures of the Keanu-Spawn (and spin-offs)

Trap 75% of Keanu's characters on a floor of a hotel in an isolated bubble of hyperspace, and watch the sparks fly.

"We're all in this together, dude," Ted offered.

Jack looked at him. Slowly, he lowered his gun and replaced it in its holster, ready to yank it out again if Neo or someone made any sudden moves.

Conor dropped his arms. He glanced around, then moved a little closer to the other three.

"Same actor?" he asked.

"Yeah," Neo confirmed.

Conor nodded. "Thought so." He looked at Jack, and held out his left hand. "Conor O'Neill."

Jack looked at him in the utter disbelief brought about by the notion that anyone could be calm enough for introductions at a time like this. He felt entitled to at least one nervous breakdown, or a psychotic yelling spree, or-

Conor's hand was still extended.

Jack swallowed, and took it in a brief handshake.

"Jack Traven."

- Chapter 1

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