These are news snippets too short for full articles, as well as the occasional link to videos, podcasts, photos, and other non-textual Keanu material. This feature was started in February 2017.

2020-08-18 (link)
Keanu will be appearing as a speaker at the Adobe MAX 2020 Conference.

2019-09-26Reminder: Keanu is not on any social media. Any account claiming to be his is a scam and should be reported to those platforms. He is not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Hangouts. NOTE: Please do not report them to me. I cannot do any more than you can.

2019-02-04 (link)
Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves will be holding a conversation and book signing in Los Angeles on 21 Feb from 4-6PM. Go to link for details!

2018-12-17 (link)
Keanu on Toy Story 4 role: "I got a call which was really cool out the blue from the lovely people at Pixar and the creators of this number, this edition, or continuation of the story. They pitched the character to me and then we spoke and they allowed me to kind of riff on it."

2018-08-29 (link)
He's on a horse.

2018-08-14 (link)
The Matrix trilogy is slated for 4k blu-ray release this October.

2018-06-10 (link)
One surviving version of the bus from Speed was sold for $102k at an auction

2018-06-04 (link)
A Keanu film festival, KeanuCon, is happening in Glasgow from 1-2 Sept as part of Scalarama Glasgow 2018

2018-06-02 (link)
Bill & Ted 3 slated to start filming in January 2019

2018-05-31 (link)
Keanu joins Netflix romcom Always Be My Maybe, which stars Ali Wong and Randall Park.

2018-05-21 (link)
Halle Berry and others join John Wick 3

2018-05-19 (link)
Keanu signs shirts for Special Olympics Virginia

2018-05-17John Wick 3 release date set for 17 May 2019

2018-03-05 (link)
Keanu did not call Donald Trump a "role model for every young American".

2018-03-02 (link)
Keanu in talks for a vigilante superhero drama on Netflix.

2018-02-22 (link)
Keanu's father, Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr., passed away on 26 Jan 2018 at the age of 75.

2018-02-22 (link)
John Wick 3 is expected to begin filming in April in New York and Montreal, with possible additional photography in Russia and Spain

2018-02-15 (link)
Ed Solomon has been posting pages from the original handwritten draft of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Check it out, dudes!

2018-01-18 (link)
Keanu set to star in Squarespace's Super Bowl ad

2018-01-12 (link)
John Wick TV series spinoff, The Continental, is officially in development with Keanu set to guest star.

2017-11-29 (link)
Enjoy a starstruck Keanu Reeves fawning over Sonny Chiba

2017-11-28 (link)
'Absolutely: A True Crime Story' is a game about Keanu Reeves stabbing people.

2017-11-21This really shouldn't need saying, but no, Keanu did not say that Hollywood elites use the blood of babies to get high.

2017-11-17 (link)
Woman scammed out of $2,700 by fake Keanu Reeves on Twitter.

2017-10-04 (link)
New York Comic Con has joined with Keanu Reeves to support hurricane relief efforts at the Puerto Rico Film Friends Relief Fund. Donations can be made at the link.

2017-09-21 (link)
Keanu was at Michelin North America in Greenville to talk about motorcycles:

2017-09-17John Wick 3 set for May 2019 release.

2017-09-06 (link)
Keanu will be at New York Comic Con on Thursday, Oct. 5 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in room 1A06 for the Replicas panel.

2017-08-30 (link)
Keanu and Winona Ryder are reuniting for the romantic comedy 'Destination Wedding'. “When comedy is seated in character and truth it’s both funny and moving, and on that basis Vic’s screenplay is one of the best I’ve read in a long time,” said producer Robert Jones. “Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves are wonderfully skilful actors and their chemistry on-screen truly brings these irascible characters to life.”

2017-08-23 (link)
Millennium’s Avi Lerner Rips Into Keanu Reeves For Walking Away From Movie ‘The Detail’; Reeves’ Lawyer Disputes

2017-07-25 (link)
Lionsgate Plotting 'John Wick' Universe With 'Ballerina' Action Script

2017-07-24 (link)
Keanu chats about Point Break at TIFF Bell Lightbox

2017-07-12 (link)
'The Bruce Lee Project' Competition Series from Keanu & Shannon Lee set to launch in India and the Middle East. Keanu: "Bruce Lee has a legacy of inspiration. It is exciting to see this legacy of inspiration have the opportunity to reach a new generation in The Bruce Lee Project."

2017-07-07 (link)
Suter Industries and Arch Motorcycle Form Alliance

2017-07-02 (link)
'John Wick 2' Stunt Coordinator Says Keanu Reeves Is The Best Driver In Showbiz

2017-06-29 (link)
Justine Skye, Seann William Scott to Star in Keanu Reeves Exec-Produced 'Green Dolphin'

2017-05-30 (link)
Correction: Keanu just finished filming in St. Petersburg

2017-05-29 (link)
Keanu has apparently landed in St. Petersburg

2017-04-18 (link)
Keanu is currently filming 'Siberia' in Manitoba.

2017-04-10 (link)

2017-04-06 (link)
Keanu tries and fails naming all the Johns he has played.

2017-03-17 (link)
Rumoured Matrix movie not a reboot, screenwriter says.

2017-03-16 (link)
Samuel L. Jackson would love to be in John Wick 3

2017-03-14 (link)
Keanu hangs out with Charlize Theron at a gym, where they spar with each other and exchange banter

2017-03-14 (link)
Matrix reboot in the works

2017-03-03 (link)
Keanu will be heading to Winnipeg this spring to film 'Siberia'

2017-03-02 (link)
Keanu in talks to co-star with Isla Fisher in 'The Starling', playing a married couple who lost their child.

2017-02-27 (link)
Old rumour says the tentative title for Bill & Ted 3 is "Bill & Ted Face the Music"

2017-02-27 (link)
John Wick 2's box office has topped John Wick worldwide.

2017-02-23 (link)
Keanu spent 5.5 hours with this kid for lunch and a movie (John Wick), under the Make-A-Wish foundation

2017-02-23 (link)
Keanu arrives at LAX, hounded by paps and autograph hunters

2017-02-22 (link)
(Podcast) If you have an hour to spare, check out this amazing, hilarious interview with Keanu on Nerdist! (starts 10min in)

2017-02-22 (link)
On John Wick - someone "very vulnerable, but also full of capabilities"; Keanu says he would like to be like him and "have his will and his strength".

2017-02-18 (link)
"The biggest misconception about me is that I'm sad all the time. I don't know if it's my face or the roles I play, but for some reason I have this reputation for being unhappy. The truth is, I am very happy and content, thank you."

2017-02-17 (link)
(Podcast) On Keanu's career and what makes John Wick so popular

2017-02-15 (link)
Keanu asked about his Essex roots, points out he was born in Beirut and has never been there

2017-02-14 (link)
Vox article: Why Keanu Reeves is a perfect action star

2017-02-13 (link)
JW2 will be Keanu's most lucrative film since The Matrix franchise. Infographics & analysis of Keanu's movies' past reviews & box office takings.

2017-02-13 (link)
(Video) Keanu would be up for more Matrix films: "I don’t know about the Wachowskis. They would probably do something really original. I'd certainly like to see what would happen and more exploration of that world. ... Not a remake. But you could actually. I think what's cool... When a story gets embraced, then if it has a tradition, and it becomes to have a lineage. I think it's cool that when another time takes that story and makes it their own so I wouldn't categorically say that would be bad."

2017-02-13 (link)
Infographic of all the kills in John Wick 2

2017-02-12 (link)
(Video) On Trump's claim that the Hollywood elite is disconnected from everyday citizens: "I would say that's a huge generalization and pretty strong accusatory words there. ... I think as a foundation of a criticism of so many people — artists who participate in the world, are in the world... That doesn’t quite cut it for me. I get it, but just calling artists or people in general 'Hollywood elite,' I think that's just like, I don't know… it's not good enough."

2017-02-12 (link)
(Video) Another clip from the Graham Norton show with Keanu, Whoopi Goldberg and Jamie Dornan

2017-02-10 (link)
(Video) Keanu talks Bill & Ted 3 on the Graham Norton Show with Whoopi Goldberg and Jamie Dornan

2017-02-09 (link)
Lionsgate acquires Rally Car.

2017-02-08 (link)
Keanu is in negotiations to play Pippi's father in a Russian film adaptation of Pippi Longstocking

2017-02-08 (link)
Keanu confirms interest in John Wick 3: "I love the character and the world. Whether or not I get the chance to do another chapter is really up to the audience ... If they enjoy what we did — and hopefully they do, fingers-crossed, I really dig it - but if they do enjoy it, then I’ll have the chance to continue the story of the character and the world."

2017-02-08 (link)
"I would love the opportunity to play John Wick again and to do another story with Bill & Ted and I'd love to work with Sandra Bullock again so fingers crossed."

2017-02-08 (link)
(Video) Keanu talks stunts in JW2.

2017-02-07 (link)
"I love John Wick. We had great ideas, we opened up the world ... making a darn good action movie. ... My whole career, I've tried to do different kinds of genres and different scales of film."

2017-01-31 (link)
Matrix cast reunion at John Wick 2 premiere afterparty - Reeves, Moss, Fishburne.

2017-01-27 (link)
Keanu was a presenter at the NHL 100 Gala, where he introduced the 90s: "a time of starts and restarts — like Napster and the dance craze, doing the Macarena. And it started a new time for the New York Rangers."

2016-05-08 (link)
First behind-the-scenes look at John Wick 3